Lost and Found…

On Sunday, March fourth, smack in between episode 7, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, and episode 8, “LaFleur”, the Lost audience on this site was asked one of the most important questions ever posted on this or any other site. A gentleman ‘named’ Cappayne posted a question/theory, that gave every single member on this site, and anyone who browsed, and opportunity to answer, after 5 1/3 seasons of 6, what mysteries of Lost kept them up at night the most, requesting an answer in the form of a five parts.

Although a much smaller community just a few short months ago, the question was followed by 13 responses, and 12 lists, including the theorist himself. Of those 12 lists, 60 mysteries were acknowleged, but when cut down from repetition, it left a grand total of 36 mysteries that us Lost fans wanted to know.

In no particular order, here are the BIG mysteries, that bothered us the most at the time, and more importantly, some, even if vague, answers to those mysteries…

1) Who, what, why, is Jacob?
—Jacob is a man. Who exactly, we dont know. And the why seems to possibly be to show that mankind has a good side, but for sure on that, we dont know yet, although I’m sure we will learn.

2) What is the island?
—With the exception of a place where miracles happen, and timetravel exists, this is still a debatable subject.

3) What is the smoke monster?
—If nothing else, a judge, jury and executioner of humans, but the whole story is still unanswered.

4) The four toed statue?
—Although we still havent seen the front, we have finally been introduced to the entire object, spawning a plethera of theories as to what it actually is or represents.

5) Vincent?
—Not much has been given about the subject of many mysteries, which began as a little boys dog from the first episode. (honestly, very surprised to see him make the lists of top 5)

6) Richard/The Hostiles origin?
—Although not directly answered, it seems pretty foreshadowed, that at the very least, Richards origin is going to be BlackRock.

7) How to travel to and from the island?
—Pre incident, it seems that the sub was the main means of transportation, although from past seasons, it seems as long as you had the correct bearings (or a forgetful button pusher) any way was almost acceptable.

8) The Valenzetti Equation?
—Although never directly referenced on the show, it made the lists, and may or may not ever be answered.

9) The numbers?
—Producers have alluded that this may never be fully answered, being that Hurley is in 1977, its very possible that he may be the paradox that creates the loop, but still not directly answered.

10) Is Locke the savior?
—It seemed very much so, until the end of season 5, when we realized that it was not “Our” Locke walking about, playing the role of know it all…but there is still another season, and I would assume that the one man who has shown nothing but good intentions for the island, will make another ‘true’ appearance before all is said and done.

11) Lockes secret to Walt?
—Many believe that the secret was the fact that he couldnt walk pre island, but I feel that there may be more. If it was paralysis, then we know, and if something else, Im sure it will come back into play.

12) Ben’s motive?
—It really does seem as if Ben had the islands best interest in hand, now that the finale is over.

13) Geronimo Jackson?
—Several developments regarding the bands lead singer, and a new song or two, but no answers as of yet.

14) Why doesnt Richard age?
—This was something given to him by Jacob. But the ‘how’ would tie into Jacobs ‘what’, if ever actually explained fully.

15) Christians motives?

16) Jacks Role/Connection/Family ties?
—Even he, love him or hate him, is still struggling with that very same mystery.

17) Alperts role/purpose?
—Advisor, we know from Ben, most likely to jacob now, but nothing precise.

18) Faradays role?
—faraday served many purposes, from developing timetravel, to helping desmond, to being a love child of Charles and Eloise. He made the decision to set off the bomb, possibly brought it to the island, and died serving some unknown purpose to and by his mother Eloise. Most likely her ensuring that whatever happened…happened as she told Desmond earlier. But indans finale, he felt she was wrong. And he lost his life trying to prove it.

19) Where is Claire?
—Last seen in the cabin with Christian by Locke, whereabouts currently unknown.

20) Why doesnt Widmore use Hawking to find the island?
—He was banished by jacob, through Ben for his off island family and shenanigens.

21) Why no camera in Tunisia when Ben left, but when Locke is arrives there are?
—Trivial, but possibly because Charles didnt know that Locke would pop up there until Ben did, in which he didnt pay much attention to the polar bear skeleton, or just plain didnt care.

22) Is Rose as special as Locke”
—I assume this was in terms of the healing factor, in which it is a difficult, yet simple answer.
…Yes, they are all special in these terms, Faraday was healed, talk of how Bens arm will heal fast upon arriving via 316, and the idea that the island in general promotes fast healing…No if you look in terms of leadership, which in the same aspect, we see Locke may have possibly not been all that special in the long run…which is still a season from ending.

23) How did Locke, Jack, and Eko confront smokie and live?
—Eko did not in the long run, and we never saw an actual Jack and smokie confrontation. Locke on the other hand was possibly judged, or used by the monster/Anti-Locke/Jacob.

24) Abbadon’s origin?
—Honestly…unless he turns out to actually be Walt, who knows, and after this season, it hardly matters.

25) What killed the Dharma Initiative?
—posted by highbrow, based on his theory, and words from the producers that it was a different mechinism that killed tha D.I. than Ben’s father…since we havent made it that far in the 70s, we dont, and possibly wont know. Although if we see the purge again, or at least another version of that day, it will most likely be answered then. But it most likely stemmed from the Tempest station.

26) Who are Adam and Eve?
—So many different theories on this, including mime and others belief that the anagram “Only fools are enslaved by time and space” (sort of confirmed by producers regarding an easter egg from the episode with Carl watching the movie in room 23)has to do with the Nadlers bones in a cave…havent made it that far in the past yet technically.

27) How does the island heal?
—From timetravel, to holy land, a question unanswered, although now that we have seen Jacob, he may be involved.

28) The Jack and Locke connection/duel/thing?
—I assume that it is meant what is the relationship between the two in a more important overall sense. Still unanswered and very controversial.

29) Black Rock’s story?
—Finally a glimpes of the ship asail, how does it come in the middle of the island is unknown, but as said earlier in the Richards origin, it is possibly how he arrived. We know it was a slave ship, but what it was doing there is still unknow, except that Jacob seemingly brought it there.

30) Walt, Aaron, Horace’s stories?
—The two latter are still up in the air, but we have seen much of Horace this season, and Im sure he isnt quite done on Lost yet.

31) Ben and Widmores scoop?
—Between Alex, and banishment…off island families, and leadership, we now know how they became each others nemesis.

32) Annie?
—Im man enough, and it is obvious enough that I was wrong about her and Kate’s connection…still a huge mystery.

33) Who is running things?
—It seems that it is a teeter totter between Jacob and his nemesis (Anti-Locke), and right now the mystery man is in control.

34) Coincidences?
—Although the poster of this admitted to non dire signifigance, it seems that its a game of “_(?) degrees of seperation” from each character to Jacob.

35) Where are the tail sectionsurvivors from season two?
—I think in earlier seasons they were taken to the temple for protection, most killed in past seasons, it still leaves mostly the children (Zack and Emma, etc…) up in the air.

36) Does Jugghead explode…LOL, simply enough, from the final scene of the finale…yes it most certainly does.

With these 36 mysteries asked by us, 10 seem almost fully answered (at least at the moment), 16 are left up for grabs (several unimportant at this point and possibly never going to be), and 10 recieved a partial answer.

I would say that over 9 episodes since the question was presented, thats not too shabby, especially considering that there is a full final season to come (just 8 short months away, Im trying to see a half full glass here).
I understand there were several questions presented in this final season as well, The man who inhabits the look alike Locke, why Jacob touched the Losties, and a few more that will be questioned in the off season.

But in a technological world, where thousands browse the internet, google, and lost theories gods, on a more than daily basis, Lost does more for television and its viewers than simply ask or answer questions on a FICTIONAL show.

It confronts religion, science, world history, mathematics, philosophy, mythology, and literature with a head on approach that to some, create a bargain that they cannot refuse, despite their misunderstanding or appreciation for what they are truly experiencing/buying.

I admit to attacking the writers/producers, 100% out of fun, based on their theorist attacking scenes, of Hurley and Miles, or one liners from Sawyer about how he doesn’t have time for theories. I have debated their age/date discrepencies, multiple continuity errors, and sidestepping and backtracking of various podcast and DVD commentaries, most famously, “There will be no time travel on Lost…”.

They face a multiple array of obsticles, from loss of actors due to other shows/opportunities, contract endings, or even issues from their parent company that is the Great and Powerful Disney (DUIs specifically).
That’s not mentioning again, us the theorists, making their lives difficult on a daily basis, and even worse, the ‘spoilers’ which make their lives damn near miserable I imagine (right along with my Lost life).

And yet they still, on a week to week basis, a few months out of the year (at least), manage to find that fine line in between all these subjects, and walk the tightrope doing everything possible to not lose viewers to too much sci-fi or too much religios garb, etc…

They long to tell their story, without hurting the feelings of closeminded individuals who feel that they are too off base from things that they have said in the past, such as having an end game in mind, or a final direction of the show….to adding new cast or storylines in the NEXT to last season, due to soooo many adversities along the way.

Millions of viewers look out the window of their own perception and feel cheated or that they find an easy out to so many questions that still haunt their minds over 5 years later, instead of sitting back and taking the time to enjoy the masterpiece that is Lost.

And these millions watching around the globe, thousands posting on hundreds of theory/spoiler/discussion sites that have spawned and fallen over the years, continue to watch, through love or hate in the long run, seem to sometimes forget what Lost has given us over the past 5 seasons. The gift to study and learn. To ask questions, and an amazing ability to do something that some were never good at, or felt afraid to chance out of fear, angst, rebuttal, confrontation, or simple embarassment….the gift of creativity and expression of ourselves.

Lost showed us how to dispute and debate, in several, for better or worse, ways.
And it showed us how to do something with many different people from around the world, that not unlike the Losties themselves, wouldnt think of doing with one another if we/they sat next to each other daily for 50 years…how to unite.

Most importantly it did and does something that is undeniable no matter how much you love or loathe it. No matter if you are scientific or religious, fate or free will directed, loop or anti loop, believe in change or not…and this one thing is what kept us all here, whether you started from the beginning, or watched four seasons leading into the most recent…with a fictional story…it entertains.

If you dont like the show…why watch?
And if you are really disapointed in the story and feel cheated, why waste hours out of your day here on the site, complining time and time again out of fear of disapointment?
I dont mean to attack anyones theories, thoughts, ideas, or beliefs, (I NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL) but just for a second, if you feel cheated or wronged, step back and recognize the beauty of the show that has hooked us and entangled us in its web for 5 seasons now….forget about what is going to happen, what has happened (Because ‘Hey, whatever happened happened right?)…forget about all the baggage that comes with attempting to theorize it…and just let it entertain you…and even if just for a second….

….ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

12 thoughts on “Lost and Found…

  1. Hear, hear. Well said.

    I particularly liked the explanation to question 9 and think that at times, even if few and far between, the theorists turn out to be better writers than the writers. Had Hurley been (or if he is, I guess still possible) the one to start/record the initial transmission of the numbers, that Lenny hears then tells him and Danielle comes to the island to find, that would be brilliant.

    AES, a great read about a great show. Every week my parents look at me and ask what they hell is going on with LOST, calling it crazy and all sorts of things (which it is) but every week I convince them to keep on watching, it’s one of the best, if not the best, shows on TV. (You too Arrested Development, which was equal parts crazy and brilliant as is LOST)

  2. Thanks for providing the actual statistics on cappayne’s post! I have recall of the post. So many questions haven been answred, and the show has never failed to disappoint most poeple on any level.

    I think perhaps the ‘great divide’ lies between members expectations of where the show is obviously heading next season. Many people are uncomfortable with the spiritual aspects, accompanied with the faith and destiny issues.

    Many would prefer to see all of the answers fall upon the science or sci-fi aspects of the show, and fear they will not see this come to fruition.

    Personally, they are underestimating the show, and the writers who have had a wonderful, focused, and deliberate direction where they have been leading the viewers in their story telling, from the shows inception.

    Any Lost theorist, worth their ‘salt’, will resonate with my words, and continue to marvel over the direction, and manner the show is unfolding.

    That is how you tell the difference between the “true lost fans”. They ‘roll with the punches’, and have the foresight and ability to change focus.

    Having been on this site from the beginning of It’s inception, it is very disconcerting of late, to continuously see the continual negative bashing of the episodes and the characters! Yes, we all have our moments where we do get angry with a character, and become frustrated.

    But what I am referring to, is somewhat different, and it is off-putting.

    This is a wonderful site where people should feel inspired to come and relate their thoughts, theories, and comments, and receive positive input!

    I do hope that people will once again start to get their ‘creative juices’ flowing once again, and enjoy this wonderful show, and the fabulous site that emzi has provided us with!

    In the words of Desmond Hume, “you got to lift it up brotha”!

    Thanks for posting this, AES!

    Happy posting everyone!

  3. Aes. A well presented list of fact. Let me start by saying I love lost. In my head I had it worked out as a masterpiece. How was this all going to fit together? How could we link one mystery to the next. Now the answer seems too simple. The answer to everything is gonna be because the gods were responsible. How did walt communicate with michael at the hatch on the computer? That wasn’t walt it was Jacob or Steve/rival. I hope to god this is not the case and I would feel severly let down by this. It doesn’t mean I no longer like the show. I would just feel let down. Look at all the amazing theories posted on here, wouldn’t you be upset if the whole reason for everything was because the gods were playing risk? Like I said I so hope I’m wrong and want to see how it pans out, but old important questions are now insignificant however still deserve answers we’ve In vested our time in the show. We are always told answers are coming…I do not believe we have had them. Patial answers are all down to speculation!

  4. Thanks A.E.S.! I like the way the show and this site make me think, not just about what is going to happen next but also discovering/ reading on all kinds of different subjects. I also love a well told story which I believe the writers and creators have done a great job doing. I don’t think I’ve ever got into a show as much as I have with Lost. I like to read way more than I like to watch tv. I liked the X Files but it seemed to bog down towards the last couple of seasons. Lost has had a direction and conclusion right from the start. With the internet it definitely makes things more interesting.I think it’s really cool that bunch of people from all over the world can come on this site and interact with each other.

  5. I had to re-watch the season finale to enjoy it for what it was. I was out the night of the finale and got home just in time for the start but was a little on the tipsy side so I don’t think I got it the first time around. After re-watching, I understood and enjoyed it more.

    Looking forward to the season 6 with both anticipation and sadness. It will really suck not to have LOST to look forward to in the future.

    The producers have indicated in their podcast that some questions will not be “fully” answered. Like – What is the Island. Some things will be left for a bit of a mystery when it’s all said and done and I’m okay with that. I’d rather leave a bit to the imagination. My only hope is that the spend more time with the characters in season 6 like they did in previous seasons.

  6. Cheers! I’ll drink to that. This is the kind of overview/synopsis/challenge that journalists attempt to write…get ready to be plagiarized! 🙂

    Seriously. My Lost-crazy factor has increased after this season, and I can only shake my head and wonder when people say “not enough answers” or “they’ve gone soft”… Sure, it’s all because we care. (Just like my distaste for Jack…it’s because I care.) Ha. Anyway…this was well worth your time and effort, and even if people disagree…still worth it.

    I said this last week, and I’ll repeat myself…sorry… I think if we expect every single nuance to be explained, or even attempt to give ‘origin’ to a specific character(s), then we lose the poetry of the show. I liken it to song lyrics…when a song has connected and inspired me, and then I find out that the lyricist actually had something completely different in mind, or it wasn’t as grand or poetic with double meanings….it can deflate the power of the song. Some things truly are best left to our own interpretations and connections. I trust that the producers get this and so one person’s anger over things not being ‘clear enough’ or ‘resolved’ is another person’s increased love and connection to the storyline.

    Mind if I add a thought about one of the unanswered questions? (To prove my point above and to offer another idea?) 🙂

    Re: #27 – I think it is has become more clear that Jacob is directly responsible for the healing powers of the island. I know that I’ve mentioned this recently, but in recalling the conversation with Ben and Juliet when he was asking her to stay on the island longer, and said that Jacob would heal Rachel…and then (according to the video she was shown) it would appear that Rachel was healed. This situation, along with Michael’s attempts at suicide, made me think that the “island’s powers” or Jacob’s powers extended beyond the physical place of the island.

    Then, to see Jacob touch Locke after Locke’s fall out of the window and to hear Richard say about his ‘non-aging’ “it’s because of Jacob I’m like this”, I give Jacob more of the credit for the healing rather than the island.

    So I guess, to me, the question is answered with Jacob’s involvement. (I know the island is still very much a special place, it doesn’t take away from that by any means!)

    Thanks AES. You’re of great value here. I always look forward to your reads!

  7. hi, all. years ago i read a book called Weaveworld, by Clive Barker. its set around a miraculous world of wonders that turns out to be the garden of Eden, guarded by a giant worm-like monster of smoke and wheels, that believes itsself to be the arch-angel Uriel, wrath of god… ever since i started watching Lost i’ve made the connection between the two. anyone else read the book?

  8. Thanks for all the good comments, that is kind of my point of the post. Everyone shares a love/hate relationship to the show. Everyone has characters that they like/dislike, everyone has moments that hold near and dear to their hearts, while others feel a distatse for the very same aspects.
    I dont think one must like religion, to appreciate that they finally showed some of Jacobs story, and I dont think you have to love sci-fi to appreciate they storytelling of the authors in terms of time travel.

    Lost has lost audience to sci-fi in seasons 3 and 4, and Im sure will lose a few to religious aspects of the Jacob story in season 5. And the truth is, as the camera pans out a little more each week, and we begin to see a bigger picture of character relationships, we sometimes feel cheated because well, they almost must cheat in a way to save something wonderful for the next week.

    I guess I have an advantage for reasons of not caring which direction they go episode to episode. Not caring which characters story they tell, or why someone ages or doesnt age.
    Its not that I wouldnt want to see one aspect or the other at a certain time, but I have the patience and trust in the stories and connections of past episodes, and feel that in the long run, the important questions will be anwered…by the final show of the series…not the next to last season.
    Where we are now, they could pull up, and say that the two men are gods, the two men have been blesses or fallen from the grace of heaven, or maybe back in the early island time, when technology wasnt what WE knew it to be, there were places in the world in ancient history that grasped our ability of technology without the flashing lights and pizazz that we expect.

    These men could practice alchemy, or religion. They could be the earliest scientists to discover immortality, or abilities that we couldnt even begin to imagine or understand.
    Although I imagine the writers/producers like to hear our gripes and more importantly what we want Lost to be, we cannot forget that it is their story that they are telling.
    People who left whenever Lost went too sci-fi, seemed to ignore the fact that there was a smoke monster of some means on the isalnd that carried the ability to appear as human at times. People who complain of religious aspects over-running Lost, the same who hear the producers say answers will be given, seem to have selective hearing to the words from the beginning to keep reading the bible when asked what direction Lost is headed.

    There are stories of seemingly immortal men which have nothing to do with religion, and stories of time travel, that have much more to do with faith and humanity than science fiction.

    Anyone who has followed this site from a time before the original question by Cappayne that I reference, knows of my love for John Locke, my defense of Jack, and idea that the greater good will prevail. Nothing in the finale, and few things in the final episodes alluded to anything I hoped for holding true. My theories have been disproven time and time again. Theories that make so much sense at the time that they could be argued, but not proven wrong. That doesnt mean I dislike the show, it just means that Lost adapts to keep us guessing.
    Honestly, would you want to read a book that you knew the ending to half way through or the second to last chapter, or watch a show that hundreds of people nail the mysteries of in the next to last season?

    Not I. I like surprise and intrigue. I use Ilana for example. I was disgusted at the idea of a new character to follow. At the thought of some new an/protaganist coming in and stealiing screentime from MY characters that I have spent years loving and enjoying.
    But the bottom line is, that this is part of writing and storytelling that needs to exsist to get us where we are headed, and tell the story at hand.
    The mystery man from the opening segmant and that has inhabited the identity of John Locke seems to some as a cop out…as cheating at this point, to some. But had they introduced him earlier, than a part of the story that wasnt meant to be told yet, would have been introduced too early.

    My whole point is that Lost must adapt to us, the theorists, the spoilers, and the basic viewers, just as we all must adapt to Lost. I hope that at least here on this site, people who spend so much time reading into the show, the science, the religion, and most importantly, what the producers say, dont just read into what they want to hear, but what is being told.

    Also, PLEASE do answer any questions that you have seen me miss above, and PLEASE do show my mistakes that I have made such as the possibility of the final scene with Juliet banging a nuclear warhead off of rocks, that has been rigged to explode on impact, as possibly a flashback instead of an explosion…its your interpretation and disagreement that spark new ideas.

    To answer an above question as to if I would be let down if we learned that the gods are playing a game of Risk…no, because that is the risk I take every week in watching and loving the show.
    Its not that I wouldnt want to see something else occur, its just that Im not telling the story, only following and interpreting my own ideas into what is being given.

    I fully understand that there is NO way that Lost will be able to make everyone happy at the end, and I will be happy with the ending regardless of the outcome. Its not out of ignorance or stupidity towards previous plots or producer comments. But out of respect and appreciation towards all that they have given us thus far.

    Again, thanks all that responded and I truly hope to see more positivity on the site, and cannot wait to hear some new ideas and theories in the off season.

  9. Very nice post.
    It puts every relevant issue of the show into perspective.

    I have to say, LOST has made me eager to participate in discussions and even wander in a world I

  10. just as its a little bit of a talking point, may i add the debate on who the chap jacob was speaking to at the start?

    some people have said that the locke weve been seeing recently is actually him.

    but if that was the case, were talking shape shifting or body snatching, parse.

    a tiny bit of research and i find that Horus was said to have taken crocodile form to retrieve parts of osiris’ body parts that were cast into the river nile.

    so as we continue the egyptian link, that could be a ossible explanation.
    not what i think but just wanted to put that in there.

    also, but not of great interest. i found it interesting that “ricardus” didnt know ilana her stooges. it seems to me richard has been involved with jacob for a while and one might have thought that he might have mentioned these other peope. but not as the case may be.

    possible reasons why? well, perhaps theyre from jacobs time? and can travel through time like jacob? hence why richard might no have seen them before.

    and finally. i have no complaints about lost what so ever. the fact that its a “series” sums it up for me!haha!

    great post!

  11. I’m theorizing that there are 2 John Lockes because one is a clone (remember bunny #15 in the con video). There is also likely another Ben on the Island roaming around.

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