Bright light and time stufff

Written on 14th May 2009

Whatever happened, happened. But what if certain people could change things? Like Jacob could, but he isn’t able to do so because of the rules. Except what if he brought people to the island, and everyone he ‘touched’ was now one of these free thinking variables Daniel described? I think Jack Kate Sawyer Sayid John Sun Jin, and Hurley can now make decisions that alter this, game like, time circle of reoccurring events the islands on, the one the Jacob and ‘the man in black’ may have been describing. Every time one of them has followed their ‘faith’ and did what they felt they were meant to do it significantly altered the way things were going’ and it normally resulted in the sky turning purple and a high frequency noise. I think every time we see the sky turn into that bright white purple light, it is because it has shifted out of this cycle of time, caused by the actions of one of the people Jacob touched.

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2 thoughts on “Bright light and time stufff

  1. OR Maybe…Elloise Hawking explained to the 6 That The Island Moves…and maybe the time when the hatch exploded was the island moving in it’s natural cycle…and when the wheel thing got stuck the isalnd began to jump sperradically in time aswell as latitude…??

    What About Juliette? i mean she seemed like the ultimate variable here..but they didn’t show her being touched by jacob did they? and ben was never shown as being touched by Jacob…and these two seem to be the ones that made their decisions to kill jacob and detonate the bomb…

  2. Weldon18, I think we all have discovered that ‘the whatever happened, happened theory has been successfully flushed down the toilet, finally!

    I think ‘the losties’ were always ‘the variables’ in the equation, with or without the touch of Jacob.

    Jacob’s touch might represent something else, which is significant and we are currently unaware of.

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