Richard Alper and the Others

Written on 14th May 2009

I’ve suspected this for quite some time, but last night’s season finale but me even more confident in it.

For whatever reason this island has become the battleground between Jacob and this Unnamed Man (who seems heavily connected to The Smoke Monster, perhaps even he IS The Smoke Monster). Over the centuries, Jacob continues to “bring people” to the island. The 19th century ship, the Army, Danielle Rousseau’s group, The Dharma Initiative, Oceanic 815, possibly countless more not included in the show. Then, as we’ve seen, people get corrupted, there are power plays, wars, everyone wants to be in control of the island, they all kill each other. But, there’s always a couple survivors who are drawn to “The Others” (e.g. Ben as a child, John Locke prior to leaving the island) and then there’s Richard Alper, who never ages.

I think Richard Alper is one of the island’s indigenous peoples. He is the only person (aside from perhaps Jacob – if Jacob is even a person) that does not age. When this battle between Jacob and the Nameless Man began, Richard Alper chose to follow Jacob. Eventually all the other indigenous people where killed, except Richard. As he said in the season 5 finale “Jacob made me this way”, that’s why he does not age. As time goes on, more and more people are brought to the island, with each group a couple people join up with Richard, slowly forming The Others.

Whad’dya think?

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One thought on “Richard Alper and the Others

  1. Paradox, I think you make a valid point about ‘the others’, in terms of their longevity on ‘the island’, and also in terms of the people who initially are opposed to them, end up joining with them.

    Richard Alpert is their Advisor. If Jacob gave Richard eternal life, then it begs the following question.

    Why have ‘the others’ displayed such evil nature? Doesn’t this epitomize what Jacob’s Nemesis said to him, about bringing people to ‘the island’?

    I think there is much more to be learned about Jacob and his Nemesis, and what they actually represent.

    Good thoughts!

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