The Anti-Jacob

Written on 14th May 2009

For 9 months we need a name for Jacob’s dark haired friend\enemy\murder guy so i’m going to coining the phrase Anti-Jacob

Now Let me paint a picture for you.

We know two things for certain,

1. The Anti-Jacob possessed and took Locke’s and probably Christian’s form
2. The Smoke Monster took Yemi (Mr. Eko’s brother) and Alex’s form and maybe even Montond and Rousseau’s crew form. (What appeared to be the sickness to Rousseau probably was the fact that smokey killed them, then took her crew’s form. Just like we thought something was strange about Locke)

So I’m proposing that Ole Smokey and the Anti-Jacob is one in the same. And that’s what “Smokey Alex” told ben to obey “Smokey\Anit-Jacob Locke.”

Now here is my proof and rational.

What if the truce between the Hostile Others and the Dharma Initiative where they have to buried the bodies is to keep the Anti-Jacob for stealing their thoughts and from.
The Smoke Monster can only take the form of the dead and unburied inhabititants of the island, (i.e. Christian, Yemi, Rousseau’s Crew, Alex, and Locke) and Widmore knows this little piece of island lore. That is why Keamy buried Rousseau and Carl in a shallow grave. It’s the Others why of trumping the Anti-Jacob.

But why bury them?

Maybe if the bodies are buried then the Anti-Jacob can’t take their form. (that’s all i really got on that idea)

Did you notice that jacob made it a point to touch everybody in the flashbacks? Maybe Jacob has some sort of similar power to the Anti-Jacob where he can influence people by touch. Like touch mind controll type stuff. (see the chick form the Wolverine movie) All it takes is just a small touch on the nose or shoulder

Another thought is how come Jacob gives everybody choices and the Anti-Jacob tells everybody what to do? I want to draw a comparison to Christ and the Anti-Christ(Satan).
C.S. lewis referrers to Satan in the Screwtape letters as The Great Trickster. Which is unlike a God of love that would send his son to die for the sins of humanity… Just a thought.

Anti-Jacob can’t kill Jacob, he had to trick somebody else into doing it.

I think that Anti-Jacob is wrong. I bet that Jacob can’t get killed in general but he just thought that he couldn’t do it. I Jacob is like a super human diety type then why wouldn’t he try to fight Ben back. It appears that ether he wanted to die or wanted to fool the Anti-Jacob.

Just some food for thought.


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9 thoughts on “The Anti-Jacob

  1. aaron.rayburn, your theory has just given me a thought about Jacob’s touch.

    We know that Jacob’s Nemesis does NOT inhabit Locke’s body. Instead, he duplicates it.

    We have seen the smoke monster take form in some of the bodies of the dead, but did use Walt’s body once, (while still alive to talk to Locke in the pit).

    My point is this, maybe part of the ‘touch of Jacob’ implies that his Nemesis cannot take their form.

    I’m not sure about the ramifications of this, but it’s certainly worthy of consideration.

    Just to play ‘devils advocate’ on the issue of free choice, doesn’t the devil tempt man with the free choice God grants them?

    Food for thought!

  2. Dabs, that is a really GREAT thought addition that gives the ‘touch’ a purpose! But how does that work for Locke? Is it because Locke actually died that this would work – that he’s not ‘protected’ anymore?

    And we share the same thought on how the devil tempts (twists, distorts, lies, deceives) to prey upon the very empowering ‘gift’ of free choice/will…so that’s why the scenes between Ben and “The Other Guy as Locke” were so significant. It was Ben being manipulated into choosing to kill Jacob, but as “The Other Guy” said, he would have tried to convince him…

  3. kimberly, IMO it means that Locke’s body could not be used by Jacob’s Nemesis. That is the reason for the duplication, as opposed to using Locke’s body.

    Everyone is suggesting that the Fake Locke is the smoke monster, but how can this be true. The smoke monster can take the form, of anyone’s dead body!

    I think we have to look deeper into the meaning and implications of ‘free will’, and what is being referred to by both Jacob and his Nemesis.

    Once again, the writers have provided us with a very fine line of distinction!

  4. I get what you are saying about The Guy not inhabiting Locke’s body, since we see Locke’s body in the crate.

    But he did take the form of Locke’s body once Locke actually died…whereas, since Jack, Kate, Hurley, etc. are alive, he can’t take their form…as he did with Walt while Walt was alive.

    (It would be interesting if Jacob actually knew that Locke would be “the proxy” for The Other Guy – and so when he touches Locke after Locke’s fall, it would give multiple meanings to “I’m sorry this happened to you.”)

    I understand the desire to want to connect the Smoke Monster to Jacob’s Rival…because Smokey still remains such a mystery that people WANT to connect those dots. And now we have months and months to go back and put it in context with all the past seasons.

    If what you are saying is valid, that Jacob’s touch protects certain people from being able to be ‘used’ by Smokey, then it actually would work for Smokey to be the Rival.

    And honestly for me, it reminds me of the “Unholy Trinity” post I wrote awhile back….where there are multiple forms of the same being, with different yet connected purposes. That is my line of thinking on ‘how’ it could work for the man on the beach to be the same as Smokey.

    Plus, I think there could have been some foreshadowing that the writers gave us that they are the same.

    It’s not for certain by any means, but definitely worth dissecting to come up with theories that are for or against it!

  5. kimberly, while Jacob’s Nemesis took the form of Locke’s body, he didn’t actually possess it, and that is the difference between the apparent abilities of Jacob’s Nemesis and the smoke monster.

    We know the smoke monster is able to take on the form of anyone’s dead body. That tells me, they are not likely the same.

    I did not say that Jacob’s touch would prevent the smoke monster from using their bodies, I said it would prevent Jacob’s Nemesis from using them. Quite a difference.

    I do not think there are multiple forms of the same being.

    I think they are distinct in nature. It’s a matter of sorting them out logically, and we have 8 months in which to do that!

  6. I get that you don’t think that Smoke Monster and Jacob’s Nemesis are the same. As I said, your idea that somehow Jacob’s touch prevents J. Nemesis from using the body could work on its own OR it also works if the Smoke Monster and J. Nemesis are the same. I know you think they are different, but you actually have made a connection that works, regardless if they are the same or not. That was all I was getting at, and I happen to like the idea that his touch ‘protected’ them or something no matter what the connection is between Smokey and Nemesis.

    I’m not trying to make you think they are the same. As you said, people are making the connections, but you don’t think it’s true. You think they are distinct.

    I’m looking forward to hearing all the different ideas because we’re all trying to figure it out and finding clues/ideas to unpack it… Especially now that we’ve seen yet another ‘manifestation’ of a dead person but now it’s in the context of Jacob’s Nemesis.

  7. kimberly, thanks for the clarification. I am trying to keep an open mind, in addition to hearing all there is to be explored.

    So far, I have mainly heard that everyone is connecting the smoke monster to Jacob’s Nemesis, and depicting Jacob as good, and his Nemesis as evil.

    The writers are very clever, and I don’t think they are going to make things so black and white for the viewers.

    After 5 seasons of Lost, they have at least taught me that!

  8. We agree that they are clever…that we have seen the ‘grey’ areas of good vs. evil in nearly all of our characters. Except for probably Hurley. And maybe then, evil isn’t even the right word…good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, etc.

    I personally get conflicted because I know that they COULD do some big flip twist thing on us and reveal that Jacob was ‘the bad guy’ now that the easier choice is to perceive him as the good guy.

    But I also strongly believe that the tension that they could be building to isn’t so much about it only being about Jacob vs his Nemesis, or Jack vs Locke or Ben vs Widmore… we all have to debate and decide and CHOOSE what we think is right. (Just like AES’ ‘who would you follow?’ question.) So, that’s where the discussions will get passionate and interesting as people find evidence to support their line of thinking. That’s what I meant when I said about the Unholy Trinity post of mine…since I tend to think toward that line of thinking…then my mind easily goes to how it could work for Smokey and Nemesis to be the same. It doesn’t mean that it’s right, it also has yet to be proven wrong, but once I start going down that path of thought then I’ll probably find other things to support it. Just like you don’t think they are the same, I am sure you will come up with some great line of thinking as to why they aren’t. And then it will be fun and thought-provoking, for me at least, to consider all the options!

    For as much as they have alluded to black and white all along, I think it was to groom us to believe that we have to choose a side…where perhaps the ultimate twist at the end is to undo that and say that black and white doesn’t ‘exist’ in this context of Lost. 🙂 Who knows….

  9. Kimberly, Dab, you two are confusing me, im going to rewatch seasons one through five again.
    But i like this theory and i completely agree with it.

    Im pressin charges…… where my du-rag at.

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