Who killed Nadia?

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Sorry if this has been asked before but I was hoping you folks could help me figure it out. In The Incident we see Nadia being run down in the street as a result of Jacob’s intervention. If he had not have stopped Sayid it is a safe bet that Nadia would be alive still.

But if we remember back to Season 4 Ben approaches Sayid at Nadia’s funeral (chronologically I have no issue with the events as they supposedly occurred) to say that Widmore sent an assassin to kill Nadia. Sayid then kills the man he thinks is responsible for Nadia’s death.

Did Jacob arrange things so that it looked as though Nadia was killed by Widmore in order to get Sayid to work for Ben? Having seen the accident (how else to call it) as it occurred in ‘real’ time, I don’t understand why Sayid even believes Ben when he approaches him and says there is a specific person to blame for Nadia’s death. If I was Sayid then I would be blaming Jacob. I’m not saying he knew Jacob but he knew that a mystery man who stopped him in the street was the reason Nadia is dead.

Is it just me that finds this confusing?

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4 thoughts on “Who killed Nadia?

  1. Who are we to say that the events shown with Jacob presenting himself in the 815ers past have already happened? Maybe after the bomb goes off events change and he then knows to make an appearance in their past to change their future?

  2. Hey there Missus S., Ben initially told Sayid that it was Widmore’s people who killed Nadia, in order for Sayid to join him on his ‘killing spree’ of supposed allies of Widmore.

    Having watched the episode, I am not so sure if Ben was telling the truth! lol Surprise, surprise, eh! Could have been just an ordinary accident! dunno!

  3. Nadia wasn’t run down because of Jacob. Sayid was saved because of Jacob. We’ve no evidence to say that Jacob wanted her dead, just that Sayid had to be saved.

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