Jacobs Nemesis

Here is my theory. At first you may say the time frames don’t add up, but from what we have seen this year, i dont think time is a big issue as with all the jumping about thats being going on.

I am really intereted in the guy dressed in balck at the start of the season 5 finale. And several things stood out for me.

1. The black and white theme coming back into play – light versus dark
2. The fact that this guy wants to kill Jacob so badly – what pushes someone to want to do that?
3. The obvious way jacob did not call him by his name when he called Jacob by his name – why do this? i think to hide the fact we may already know this person – biggest clue for me!

So, then my brain starts to think about who do we already know who this person could potentially be?

My thoughts led me to Aaron, and this is why:

Right from the start Claire was told that SHE must raise Aaron and no one else, that the ramification for her not bringing up Aaron would be a disaster! If you look back at that episode we know that the clairvoyant was a fake, but who would tell him to convince claire of this? Jacob perhaps?? To ensure that she stays on the “right path” as he did with all the other losties we saw in the finale, she keeps Aaron, Jacob orchestrates her to be on flight 815, get to the island, where he can maniupate and keep an eye on her to ensure she does indeed raise Aaron. Because, if Aaron doesnt have Claires “goodness” then he would turn bad – possible like our black shirted friend. However, the events of season 4 transpire, and the guy in the black shirt, taking on the form of Christian amongst others manipulates the situation so Aaron and Claire are seperated so he, Aaron can become the black shirted man in the futrure and then return to the past, how or why i havent thought of yet. Confused yet?

In season 1, where Locke appears to claire in her dream, the one where he has a black and a white eye, he says “we all pay the price now” Now, i take 2 things from this. One is the black and white eye, that Locke see’s things from Jacobs view but also pre empts the evil side as his body will evetually be used by Aaron/ black shirted man. I also think this is the work of jacob, using Locke again to reinforce a point to Claire through the medium of dreams.

I cant type anymore but would like o hear thought on the general idea that aaron is the black shirted man.


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7 thoughts on “Jacobs Nemesis

  1. hmmmm very intresting. Could be. Like you said the time frames don’t add up since old no name looks much older then jacob. but other than that it seems preaty solid.
    but only time will tell.

  2. Personally, as some others had said on seperate threads; I think Jacob is Aaron. Something perhaps occurs during the various twisted timelines due to Claire NOT raising Aaron/Jacob.
    Leading on from that…say for arguments sake the bomb DID go off in 1977, and the plane didn’t crash, Claire may well bring up Aaron/ Jacob, and all the mess on the island/time – space/wider world, may not occur.
    Of course this is Lost!, and it gets waaay complicated, but somehow I think that Jacob can skip through time, and see people in the past who HE KNOWS is on the island.
    Jack himself says in regards to the bomb “this is what were meant to do” or something along those lines, Christian also said something like “Aaron is not supposed to be here” etc.
    Anyhow, I’ve gone off on a tangent, and probably lost my own plot in the process ;P but it’s my first post, so hi!


  3. this is a great theory
    i think the fact that claire MUST raise aaron points more 2 him being the rival and the fact that christian drew claire away from miles and sawyer

    but would this mean the losties would have 2 kill a child??? unlikly
    or would it mean kate/claire having 2 kill him as a man
    i do think claire is still alive though as killing her off in such an unclear way is not the way the writers work

    great theory!!

  4. Ok I have some interesting ideas….if you look up Aaron on wikipedia not from a lost perspective, He was the brother of moses (Links in with the mysterious adversary that some believe to be called moses due to his reaction when Ben uses that phrase with Jacob) Also a biblical jacob is listed as being his grandfather. Also the name translates to a few things including Pregnancy, which could link to the fertility statue, and One Of Light…which also has alot of connotations within the series….its worth a read, see what you make of it.

  5. I am among the many with waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands….my brother and sister in law got me hooked on Lost last year, when then loaned me the series set. Who cares, right?

    Okay….for whatever it’s worth, and this might be an eye roll for all of you out there who think it’s obvious, but, I say the explosion is the reason the statue was all but destroyed, and that possibly, the MRI like magnetic thingamjig is what downed the plane. And of course Blondie survived the fall so she could set off the bomb. What a bummer, eh? Falling all that way and waking up!!! She was pissed.

    There are way too many story lines to keep track of and clearly, when the writers began this task four years ago, they could never have forseen all the story lines having a conclusion, so many have been dropped. Many people have “poof!” disappeared and I think trying to explain all of this is doing one of two things

    a) giving everyone at ABC something to laugh about
    b) giving the writers ideas that they themselves haven’t thought of yet!

    Can anyone say “class action” on copyright infringement? (KIDDING for anyone thinking i”m not)

  6. Well, maybe Richard Malkin was convinced to help Claire on her way by someone who could bring his dead daughter Charlotte back to life.

  7. Dharma-Spy, I’ve always felt that Aaron would play a pivotal role in the overall story.

    I am not certain who Jacob and his Nemesis represent, but it would seem that their feud has been playing out for some time over the course of history.

    I am not opposed to the aspect of time, and a time loop at play that could involve characters we already know.

    I think Jacob using the wheel in the opening scene was a definite shout out to the ‘time loop’ aspect. It was symbolic.

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