The Island Exists In Order That It Doesn’t Exist

So, boom.

I think we can assume that the bomb went off (if it didn’t, that would be lame) and ‘the incident’ was averted. As Miles pointed out, it could be that the bomb detonating was ‘the incident’, but I think that this outcome would be a little lame as well. So the island and all those on it when the bomb exploded are gone. Where does that leave us?

This would mean no record of this episode in our linear history. That is, by only observing the events that we have record of in our timeline, there was never an island. But consider the possibility that along our straight, linear timeline are loops. Loops that leave our linear history but then join back to where they left off the linear path. For all intensive purposes, the events on the loop never happened. But they did. They happened in order that they never happened.

There is now no island, because it was blown up. But it was only blown up as a result of the actions of people who were only there due to ‘the incident’ and so the subsequent plane crash. Which, due to the bomb, didn’t happen. This has now created an infinite time loop, which in effect, doesn’t exist.

So how does Jacob fit into all of this? He’s from the future. He’s here to make sure that all these events occur so that the island never existed. Why? That remains to be told, but I’d imagine that the result of the island existing has disastrous effects in the future of the world. Jacob is able to influence actions and events as he can travel through time in a more controlled fashion due to the island’s time-travelling capabilities being further understood in the future. Remember Jacob sitting on the beach with the Black Rock in the distance. He’s been here, at various points, from the beginning.

I know there’s holes in my theory and questions unanswered, but I’d love to hear some feedback.

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2 thoughts on “The Island Exists In Order That It Doesn’t Exist

  1. Yes you have the basics of it. I will set you on your way for more answers. If we had the ability for time travel, then there would be no way to have a past, present or future; therefore the thing that sets us apart from animals is our understanding (intelligence). That island signifies time travel.

    The second humans have time travel we are lost. Sawyer is on his way to being found, excepting his past for love has made him see there he has a future.

    Jack needs to make the biggest decision of his life. Jack will never move on, he has always been haunted by the past.

    Jack will have to do the biggest thing in is life that will define him, but also save him.

    Hew will I reckon have to ensure that island never existed, face he has to lose things forever, but learn the biggest lesson.

    By doing that he is FOUND. Until then he always will be LOST. Get it !!!!

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