Jacob not the good guy.

Ok, so I am really getting picking up on a religious theme going on and have been for awhile. I am sure others have ie Jacob:GOD, Mysterey Man on the beach:Devil. MM dark hair, Jacob light, the whole season finale ending in whiteness, Jacob explaining to Ben that he has free will/a choice. Its too obvious though and I think the writers are tricking us. I am not sure why if MM wants to kill Jocab the way he said that to him on the beach did seem a little evil. However, Jacob has been acting so god like that it really has me believing that he infact is anything but Godly. According to the bible Satan was banished from

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I started off borrowing season 1 from my parents and after about 3 episodes in I was hooked. I went to great lengths to keep up with the show, even illegally downloading episodes I missed. Than I discovered ABC did a wonderful thing, giving me access to every episode. Hours and hours I spent watching this epic show. For a while I was just so frustrated and wanted it to end. With me being quite a truth seeker, its like torture not knowing! However, now we are in the homestretch, the last season and I am a bit sad its almost over. I just love this show and absolutely cant get enough. Thats why I am here, I dont know any Lost fans in person and I must say I do so enjoy reading the many theories.

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  1. Sorry, this post is so poorly written. I didnt have time to spell check. I have been reading some other ttheories which have got me thinking even more.

    One thing I forgot to mention is Jacobs ability to somehow establish trust with all the O6. His kind, gentle nature, helping Kate out with the lunch box. All great things but thats just what according to the bible Satan does. He is powerful enough to get people to trust him, to get other to do as he wishes according to his plan. Than what ended up happening? They all go back to the island just like Jacob wanted. Why? I dont know.

    Whether Lost even has anything to do with any kind of spirituality, which I am not saying it does, Jacob is sorta too GOOD to be true. If this does play out as a good vs. evil type of things than I am just saying I am not convinced Jacob is the good guy.

    Again sorry for my post being so badly written.

  2. My logic on this is pretty simplistic, but still:
    Jacob -> creates tapestry -> creator -> good.
    Other guy -> kills jacob -> destroyer -> evil.

  3. i think any explanation as to who these guys jacob and co are, will be revealed in the final won’t come as any surprise to me if there is a more down to earth reason for what is happening.the numbers will play an integral part in the final season i’m convinced of this.i do have some ideas.but i’ll keep them to myself for it a coincidence hugo won the lottery with the same numbers from the island.highly unlikely.this part of the story is a big flaw in the story which is continually being over looked ,i think this is the case because of everything else that is happening.where did hugo’s dad go for 20 or so years.oh and lets not forget there is a time machine in this to sum up:hugo wins the lottery……the numbers turn up on the island……..hugos dad dissappears for decades….there is a time machine……..2+2=?????????…..hmmmmm……..looks up rubbing chin …could it really be this simple.

  4. I like the name “Mystery Man” for the guy on the beach in the beginning….there are so many names floating around it’s kind of funny at this point…
    -the rival
    -jacob’s nemesis
    -the other guy

  5. i think jacob is the good guy. i was reading up on the smoke monster the other day and i got to the part where it wanted eko to repent his sins…he did not and so the smoke monster killed him. now, ppl are saying that (in their opinion) MM and smokey are one in the same, or are working together. if MM was good, then why would he kill someone for no reason? (although apparently the motion in which smokey threw eko was in the shape of a cross). smokey also appeared as the large group of spiders that paralized nikki, causing her to be buried alive.

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