The Story of Lost(so far) Revealed!!!!!!

I think this post rules! AND, I hate to ruin it for everyone, but the Island is an alien spaceship. The Statue is kinda like the hood ornament but it got dinged up when the ship crashed to earth, but it’s OK, “they’re coming.” That’s what Jacob said. He’s an alien, see and that dude in the grey sweat pants is his alien buddy, but he’s mad at him because Jake won’t let him get the AAAA(stands for Alien AAA) on the horn because he wants to mess with the indigenous bi-peds, that’d be us. Grey sweats is all like “Dude, let’s go!” But Jacob’s like “Hold up, watch this!” So, grey sweats has to keep up his Human appearence, which is uncomfortable because their true form looks kinda like a cross between a jelly-fish and a bull moose but just a little taller, and he final goes off the deep end. He can’t kill Jacob because when the AAAA gets there they’d be like “Yo, where’s the other guy?” and they wouldn’t buy that he was killed in the crash because this was a pretty nice spaceship and had some really good seatbelts and airbags. Anyway, he get’s Ben to do the deed for him, I guess you all saw that. I’m 100% right so far but I won’t spoil next season for everyone, even though I absolutely know what’s going to happen. It’s gonna rock!

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