John Locke’s body (and 2 other observations)

The transportation of John Locke’s body in the finale is, to me at least, a sticking point for the rest of the series. I believe that the good vs evil portion of the show will come down to a battle of the duality of man. Both Jacob and MIB will be John Locke.

Bringing John Locke’s body to Jacob was the favor, or mission, that Jacob asked Ilana to do for him when he visited her in the hospital. They went to the cabin looking for Jacob, to bring him the body of Locke. When they found the piece of the tapestry, they took the body to the statue. What other reason would they have for transporting the body? To show Richard? Possibly, but unless the cabin belonged to Richard, why would they go there first. Also, Richard doesn’t live in the cabin and wouldn’t have had time to slip away from the rest of the group to leave that piece of Jacob’s tapestry once they started making their way to the statue. These being the case, I would say it is safe to assume that the cabin was where Jacob once lived. If it is where MIB once lived, how would he have a piece of Jacob’s tapestry and his knfie, and why would it be left as an indication of where they would be?

Why did Ilana ask for Ricardus when they came upon the Others? Because she was told by Jacob to do so if they ever ran into the them, that Richard would protect them and take them to where the body needs to go so that Jacob can use it.

Also interesting to the story is that John Locke the philosopher was a Dualsit, meaning that he believed that existence was not only the matter of things, nor was it only the thoughts, but both were separate and both made up existence. In simpler terms,the mind and the body are two different entities. He also believed that man was dualistic in nature, capable of both good and evil because they are part of human nature. Rational and tolerant, but selfish at the same time. Good and bad, but the choices we make determine which we are.

Duality has pervaded both the show and it’s characters heavily. For this dualism to wrap itself up in John Locke vs John Locke (especially knowing the two opposing views of humanity on behalf of MIB and Jacob) would fit perfectly.

2 Other observations:
1) The bomb did not go off, the 77ers were transported back to their current time. The bomb was then wired in as the fail safe in case the button was never pressed. It went off when Desmond turned the key.
2) What happened in 77 always happened in 77 so nothing will change. It’s how Eloise knew that she was sacrificing her son (she always remembered killing him and that’s the reason she always treated him like she did) and it’s how they knew to wire the bomb up as the fail safe.

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6 thoughts on “John Locke’s body (and 2 other observations)

  1. doublelocke, I love how you worked in John Locke, The Philosopher to illustrate your point. I believe you have hit the proverbial nail on the head.

    The whole nature of duality has been highlighted throughout the show.

    Jacob and his Nemesis, epitomize the very essence of ‘duality’.

    I have no doubt, that when Season 6 gets underway, that we will see 2 John Locke’s doing battle.

    This is a ‘top notch’ theory IMO, and I have no doubt that you are correct.

    Great work!

  2. This sounds awesome! To have 2 Johns one being good, the other bad would be marvelous. But I can see all those people that were complaining about this season’s time skipping being too confusing…complaining again. Who cares though, I loved this season and it was my favorite so the idea of two Lockes is amazing…

  3. The Locke stuff is good. As far as the bomb not exploding, but being put in as a fail safe. I just don’t get it. If the bomb did not go off the first time, then how would Radzinsky know that the bomb could be used as a fail safe?

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