Compensation continuity

So, if you survived the crash with ne’er a scratch, like the O6, you got a bizillion dollars (Sun got to buy her dad’s company), but if you just struggled as you gasped for air but only filled your lungs with water for what seemed like an eternity until you died and decomposed in the ocean your family got ziltch (Sawyer’s kid)?

And, what’s with Michael? No one noticed he was on the plane but came back? His family just settled for nuthin’ while the O6 were rollin’ in the dough? Well, isn’t that ‘special’?

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6 thoughts on “Compensation continuity

  1. I think the situation with Sawyers child is that nobody knew he had a child.

    He never had anything to do with her and didn’t really acknowledge her. It was only when he told Kate to take care of her that he felt the need to face up to his responsiblity.

    The thing with Michael is, I think because he and Walt arrived back to the US, they somehow pretended to be someone else.

    Afterall, if they were to give compensation to Walts grandmother they may find out that Walt is living with her, but he’s supposed to be dead at the bottom of the ocean with the other 815ers.

  2. Sawyer’s mom knew Clemmie was his and surely would have stepped up with an ‘ahem’ and some DNA once the payoffs were announced – I mean, if you were the mom, wouldn’t you? And, there’s no evidence Walt pretended to be anyone but himself (albeit taller). Me thinkst it’s a continuity error.

  3. Um – Sawyers mum is dead. Sawyers father shot her and then killed himself, which is why Sawyer was out for revenge for the “real” Sawyer.

    If Sawyer had a foster mum how do we know that she knows about Clementine?

    And with Walt. Maybe he didn’t pretend to be someone else. Either way, they couldn’t claim any compensation because if they found out Walt was alive when he was supposed to be dead at the bottom of the ocean, then that would cause suspiscion.

    Anyway, he probably got on the plane as Walt Lloyd (his mothers maiden name), and when he got to New York he possibly took on his fathers name, Dawson. So in that sense he did change his name.

  4. Took awhile to think about that one. You could be right there – but then, why was Clair’s mom suing Oceanic Airlines? (I still like the theory that’s not Clair’s mom and it was a set-up, but don’t think they’re going that way anymore : (

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