the islands birth problem

i was reading a question about miles and how he was born on the island. the person said “Does this mean that there wasn’t the same problem of birth on the island back then?” i think that there was no birth problem wen the DHARMA folks were around. i think that the birth problem was punishment from jacob because he mad about the purge. im pretty convinced that the person in “jacobs” cabin is actully MIB. maybe jacob was mad at the others for doing what MIB said and not what he(jacob)said. there are many holes in this theory. feel free to critisize.

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3 thoughts on “the islands birth problem

  1. I’m not so sure if revenge would be Jacob’s kind of thing. He didn’t seem to be a vengeful (sorry for the spelling) person to me. I do agree though that the person in Jacob’s cabin is MIB.

    Still always a possibility nontheless!

  2. It is more than likely a problem that arose after the incident. ..or possibly even the purge.

    You never know though, I would imagine someone on island will be pregnant soon next season, and the mother will die…

    Although it will still leave it to a decision of Jacobs death, or the incident.

    Although dont discount MIB’s possible power, and that he may be the one who somehow causes the problem

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