Maybe this has been asked and answered before and I just did not see it.

Soooo…….Eloise HAWKING is Daniel’s mother and Charles WIDMORE is his father. Did I miss in the show where they explained why Daniel’s last name is FARADAY? Just an thought I had today that never really hit me before. I could see if Eloise and Charles were not married her not giving him the Widmore name, but if that were the case why did she just not make his last name Hawking?

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4 thoughts on “Hawking/Widmore/Faraday?????

  1. Most likely it will never be explained, but it is mostly just a way to keep secretive the fact that they all have a family tie.

    They used the name Faraday as homage to the scientific king of electromagnetism, Michael Faraday…

    Charles speaks to John explaining that his parents must have had a sense of humor when naming him after the famous philosopher…we Chuck an Ellie must have used the same “Big Book of Humorous Baby Names” when naming Dan.

  2. I actually believe the name Faraday came from the last couple of pages of The Stand. Where Randall Flagg wakes up on a beach with a jungle around him and cannot remember any of what had occured before. He calls himself Russell Faraday.

  3. Thats a nice touch BanLinus…actually the first I have heard it said…I missed it as well, an am a huge King fan…(although due to the fact that it is the ending, I may have blocked it, like many other King endings out of my head)…

    I still have to say that it more than likely was originated from the master of electromagnitism, but I guess it is one of those perspective thought…that I havent had the opportunity to hear and let sink in before…Nice Catch!

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