The 108th Episode…

I wonder what will happen on the 108th episode? If they will have something special planned or a big reveal. If the show runs another 17 episode season (15 + 2 Hour Finale 16/17) and we consider all the 2 Hour Finales to be 2 episodes than the 108th will be the 5th of next season and the season will have 120 in total. I almost wished they cut a few of the filler episodes of the first three seasons and ended on the 108th as the series finale. Any speculations, ideas, wishes for the 108th?

Personally, going with the loop theory, I would bet that we watched desmond’s failed button push and the plane crashes all over again… but then the show obviously doesn’t end with the loop but continues on in the 2007 timeline of the show and resolves life for the losties, Jacob and the MIB, Richard and the Hostiles/Others and the Bram/Ilana Company (and New Dharma?)…


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  1. Ha ha ha

    Episode 6: House Of Rising Sun
    Episode 8: Confidence Man
    Episode 15: Homecoming
    Episode 16: Outlaws
    Episode 23: Exodus pt 1
    Episode 42: Dave

    See any common threads?

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