Linus & Widmore/Jacob & MIB

I don’t know if this has been discussed previously, but is there a logical connection between Ben Linus and Charles Widmore not being able to kill each other and Jacob and MIB having the same restriction (other than somehow using the “loophole”)?

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3 thoughts on “Linus & Widmore/Jacob & MIB

  1. hey pepe! yeah i like your thinking here. seems like you could be right on this? ben and widmore seem to have had a number of possible opportunitys to kill each other but hav`nt done so? there could be a reason for this? widmore has been a character for sometime that we dont really no a lot about but seems to be a bad guy, well according to ben anyway? we have learned a little more about him in the last couple of seasons. it would be really cool if you were right. sometimes though tv shows tend to drag things on for a long time. if widmore was killed by ben or vice versa i think the show would loose a lot of interest. as i for one think these to characters are really interesting especially widmore. eko rocks

  2. When Ben visits Widmore he states that he can’t kill him so he’ll kill his daughter instead.

    ALSO when Ben’s daughter is killed, he says

    “They broke the rules”.

    SO I assume they can kill each other but maybe they’ve sworn an outh (not sure if thats how it’s spelt, sorry)…like an Others contract.

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