Just think about it:)

One very smart man(AKA the shows creator), once told Tv guide that the answer for What is happening lies in the first season. I took that challenge.
I saw Jack lying on the islands grass, and hearing voices like Help me, somebody help me. Then i realized that the voice belonged to the guy who died. Couple hours later, Kate took his shoes. Who was he. Was he important. Why was he shown. This show surprised us many times, but this could be it. This could be the answer. Just think about it:)
Island wants only one human. The people are dying through the seasons. What if Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Hugo, Charlie, Desmond, Penelope, Ana Lucia, Locke … arent so important as we think. Maybe everyone else are. Jack, Kate … THEY ARE ALL THE WEAKEST LINK.

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4 thoughts on “Just think about it:)

  1. First, maybe you should try to find this TV guide article with the show creator. There are so many urban legends surrounding this show. Specifically, people pass around information from Abrams, Cuse, and Lindeloff without ever looking this info up themselves. If you can’t find it, maybe it never happened. So are you saying the whole show is about the guy who died in the pilot? or two episodes later? Please clarify.
    After all, with the introduction of Jacob and his Nemesis, our losties don’t seem to be driving the major action of the show.

  2. I don’t think that this is the case. It is hard for me to beleive that they are the “weakest link”.
    Plus, that “answer lies in season 01” is just a myth. I don’t know who started it…but it’s a myth.
    Where and when the producers told those words?

  3. The article is back from season 3. One of the writers gave us a clue, and said that the answer is in first season. Recently my wife bought me Lost DVDs, because she knows that i love this show. So i decided to watch again. All I am saying is, that I saw some strange things. But one thing surprised me the most. The voice that jack heard when he woke up didnt belong to the guy who was trapped next to engine. I am re watching the show. To find some stuff. One thing is for sure. The lost is all About Cristian, think about it, do we really know what happened to him. Ask again. I am smart, so yes, I will post more theories. Read all of mine. Its interesting

  4. alot of people keep banging on about the first episode clue, but i cant see why it would be true.

    if for instance the writers wrote seven series, which we now know there is, then i might agree, but i highly doubt they wrote seven episodes, and though, shal we put a clue to solve lost.

    there is no “solving lost”, its about so many things, you cant solve all theseepisodes in one episode, let alone the first one.

    lots of love, t.s elliot.


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