Think it’s like dodgeball…

So here we go, I wonder if this is how many of you feel when you think you have had a major revelation about what is going on… I am so excited. Seriously. These musings makes so much sense to me I hope it is accurate, otherwise I come across as insane. Oh well, you people are more insane than me, you’re reading it.

I am not much of a writer so I will simply list ideas in numerical order. I am anxious to hear your comments. And by no means I am claiming to have solved everything or even anything major for that matter, just perhaps some answers.

1. The island is some sort of game between Jacon and MIB, or challenge between them regarding freewill vs. fate. I didn’t like that idea at first but it has grown on me. If you are touched by Jacob out in the real world you are on his team. If he doesn’t touch you, i.e. Hugo and someone else, you are a “ghost (I will explain later).” Sort of a stretch here but perhaps if you die, you automatically are re-assigned to MIB’s team, i.e. Locke.

2. Jack is MIB, or a direct representative of him, being embodied even. Jack controls what occurs as far as events go throughout the series. It is sort of like Sawyer’s long con, Jack gets people to think things are their ideas so that his ultimate plans are aligned. An example of this would be assisting Michael with getting Walt back, Jack ensured everything went according to Michael’s plan, because that was his plan.

Also, in the pilot Jacks wakes and doesn’t seem too started to wake up where he is. Like in a “Okay, I’m back” type of manner. I think he hustles to the plane to make sure the people he needs are safe.

3. Apollo bars are on the island because they are for Jack/MIB’s sweet tooth, why else only non-dharma food? Can’t recall what was said at the hospital between Jack and Jacob in the finale about the bars in the vending machine but to have them together in the real world and have an incident with the same candy bar…

4. Libby is an intermediate, or “ghost.” She met both Hurley and Desmond in the real world. Perhaps she owes Jack/MIB.

5. Faraday and similar folk are paranormal reseachers trying to comprehend the other concepts re. the island, time travel, the ghosts, Miles is maybe alive and assists the actual paranormal research team.

7. The Others are some sort of intermediary pool that can be used for the island game between Jacob and MIB.

8. Hurley and Desmond, at least, are in some sort of limbo state, or “ghosts.” Season 2 finale when Penny meets Desmond at the stadium, she arrives after Jack does to run stairs. Jack has orchestrated this meeting in limbo between Penny and Desmond. She sounds surprised to hear Desmond say he has been in prison. She sounds surprised to hear that he hasn’t read his last Charles Dickens novel. She states with enough money, you can find anyone. She is researching to find the limbo Desmond. Hurley, I don’t know. Charlie too is a ghost I think. When your use is no longer needed on island as a ghost, you die, Ana Lucia, Libby, Charlie.

9. As far as time travel goes, I like the record on a record player analogy but without the skipping. Maybe. But think of a nice record loop that goes smoothly around in a circle. Where the Losties are is in this sort of pod that juts out at 90 degrees from the nice smooth loop that is normal time, you and I. They are out in this pod, like your side mirror on your car, it is outside your vehicle but it is moving at the same speed as you. Pretend your record loop, or time loop, holy shit I am high, is made up of these “side mirrors”, or a metal loop. That is magnetized. Somehow this pod detaches from the normal metal, record player loop time band, and juts out at whatever time that loop became de-magnetized. It remains either magnetized, attached the the normal loop, or de-magenetized, out in whatever year it occurred, depending on the pressing of the button. When the island enters or exits normal time is when accidents occur, i.e. flight 815 was in the way. Since the pod juts out at 90 degrees from the normal time loop, it has one connecting strand. This strand is the 325 bearing that allows passage back and forth.

10. The button was installed by the paranormal people, probably DI, to control when the pod entered and exited normal time.

I suggest re-watching the Season 2 last few episodes, like 22-24, with my ideas in mind. If you don’t see what I have described as being plausible, let me know. Well I feel like I have been typing forever. Let me know your thoughts, I hope this hits home with someone other than me and all of the other voices inside my head. Sweet.

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The Apostle

Originally from a town near Seattle, WA, now living in Memphis, TN. Yikes. Late bloomer when it comes to Lost, started watching based on the recommendation of a friend near the middle of the third season. I think. I then raced through the episodes online and have since gone through the seasons 3X. Not sane. I work as an engineer and grappling is a huge passion of mine. I am both excited, to see how it all gets explained, and sorry, I don't want the show to end, to have this be the final season.

8 thoughts on “Think it’s like dodgeball…

  1. I’ll be rewatching all of the seasons this summer, so I’ll re-comment on this then, but I kinda like your theory. I do think there is two or three “teams” in Lost. I like how you put Jack with MIB, and how you made him a kind of “con man”. Maybe Jack’s not as fragile and indecisive as we thought, maybe it’s all part of the plan.

    But quick question: When you rewatch season 5 finale again, when MIB hands Jack the candy bar, do thier fingers touch? If this is the case, most of your theory cannot be playsible.

  2. Jiminy Christmas! With one sentence you have possibly destroyed my theory. They better not touch one another at the vending machine. Son of a beaver.

  3. Yeah, it is really hard to tell. You could look at it as either the whole point of the scene was that Jack and Jacob touched, or you could look at it as the whole point was that they (the producers) want you to keep guessing. But you would think if they wanted the veiwers to know that Jacob and Jack touched, they would make 100% sure there was no question. But it’s so hard to tell.

    All in all, though, I like your idea. 🙂

  4. i dont mean this in a disrespective way, but that thing about Jacob and MIB’s sweet tooth makes me laugh. in a good way. i mean. just try to imagine these supposedly divine figures munching away on candy bars.
    but that was a startlingly good observation. apollo bars are the only non Dharma thing. i cant believe i didnt see it myself. since id never heard of them, id assumed they were special to the DI, but then Rose said “I didn’t know they made these anymore”, and of course Jack tries to buy one. im not sure it had too much significance other than being a “tie” back to the island, but great observation none the less.

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