“Where are we?” the Island question, “What’s Next?” for BanLinus

This is a response to some questions on my theory on the Island and which island is it?
If you haven’t read the theory this will not make a whole lot of sense so I suggest starting at the beginning.

In the theory I suggest that the Others and the DI have taken on characteristics of the Greeks and Egyptians, mythology or dogma, and through those stories and myths point to the location of the Island or “what” island they are on.

So BanLinus asked “what’s next?” not where are we?, but where are we going?

So I wanted to give this some thought and give a proper response after I looked into it a bit more. So what I have come up with for you Ban on what’s next? is that we are going to find that the Island itself is going to be following along it’s own religious or mythological storyline. The writers/producers have said the Island is it’s own character in the show. So, why not have it follow it’s own mythos path.

There have been a lot of biblical references in the names of people of people on the show ie…
Jacob, Christian Shepherd, Benjamin Abbadon. Many of the stories of these names come into play with the storyline of Lost; Jacob and Esau, story of Job, serpent in the garden, Temptation vs Redemtion. Many have even suggested that they are in the Garden of Eden and that this is mankind test to get back in. Have we “Redeemed” ourselves? Are the Losties just the Gods (list) of players. Are they the ones that decide the fate of everyone? The impression we get from Hawking, Widmore, Abbadon is that if they don’t all return they keep saying God help us all.

So we would have each group represented by a different religious mythos and has a story about the island or place of paradise that you cannot return to. Many delving into creation myths of the different Dogmas.
Others- Egyptians
Dharma- Greeks
Island- Judaio-Christian?
Scientists- a 4th group which seem to be on the verge of scientifically explaining many of the phenomenon on the island, Faraday, Elloise, Charlotte, Miles even Widmore funding it all. Brings into play the whole- “man destroys God” theory where God is replaced by science. the phrase was used in the movie Jurassic Park, which I thought was brilliant writing.
God creates Man, Man destroys God, Man Plays God, God destroys Man.
This brings back the Science Vs. Faith question from Season 1 and 2, and also plays right into the
“duelality” light/dark, black/white, Thick or thin crust………
You realize with every answer they give us they ask another question.
We are coming to the close of such a great thing 🙁
They are not going to give us all the answers, they never have and they never will, they are going to leave it to us to put all the pieces together of this 6 year puzzle we have all been working on. They are finally going to show us what the picture on the box looks like, but it will be up to us to finally put the puzzle together.

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One thought on ““Where are we?” the Island question, “What’s Next?” for BanLinus

  1. I guess I’m just a simple person. While I understand the show has many religious undertones, and indeed borrows from so many different literary works; I still see it as its own entity.
    And while religion will continue to have its influence, I prefer to see Lost as part sci-fi adventure, part character drama.
    I want to know what happens to the characters I’ve come to love over the last 5 years. I also want the Lost mythos questions answered. Although I know not all of them will.
    I hope season 6 doesn’t concentrate too closely on Jacob and his buddy. Also I hope religion and faith and fate vs. freewill are only short checkpoints through which Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc. have to pass on their journey through their adventure.
    JediRedEye, you certainly answered my question for what is next. I just hope we don’t get a big dose of religion or spirituality. May the force be with you.

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