summoning the smoke monster

Here is a question that i find interesting: if Ben can summon the Smoke monster from the basement of his home in the barracks, then why have the sonic fence? the sonic fence suggests that they want to keep it out. so why invite the smoke monster in…

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3 thoughts on “summoning the smoke monster

  1. I wondered this also, but I think Ben did it as a last resort, we know the fence was off because the commando’s turned it off. Ben was very forthright about you want to be as far away from those people as possible. plus, i think the fence was possibly used to keep the smoke monster out, but it was also used to keep the hostiles out and serve as a warning of being breached. Lastly, I dont think the DI could summon the smoke monster or that smokey is part of the DI, i think ben got these powers after assuming his role as leader. maybe the fact that the fence keeps smokey out was an unintended, yet beneficial side effect.

    When Juliette goes to trial for killing one of the others they mark her with that brand… then when she wakes up with Kate the smoke monster chases her. I am not sure if Ben summoned it, clearly we know he is upset and disappointed with her, i am sure he believed jack when jack said she wanted him dead based of the fact he caused Goodwin to die (in a way).
    Also Ben knows all his people are in the temple sanctuary at this point, safe from smokey, and lastly, what does Ben care about the losties? he doesn’t.

  2. my only question and i hate when movies or tv does this is…
    why is smokey suddenly so ineffective at killing any of the commandos?

    the thing i hate is when writers present something as all-powerful, only to later have some down and out opponent come back in miraculous fashion to KO the evil champ after being knocked down 14 times.

    Im not trying to slam the writers or say they did this per se, it could be all smokey can do is toss people around and it normally only targets one person at a time, thus maybe it did pretty good for what it had to work with or the body armor protected the commando’s. at the very least it served its function for the time being.

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