Plane crash and Charlie

I was watching the pilot episode and realized that when the plane had crashed, Charlie was sitting on the front section, nearly the pilot cabine. Not in the middle with the others? So how come he was on the same beach with them?

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9 thoughts on “Plane crash and Charlie

  1. Actually the bathroom that he was in was in the other part of the plane that crashed in the jungle. If I remember he came out of the bathroom and in the commotion ended up with the rest of the fuselage.

  2. Continuity error? Cindy the air hostess was also at the front of the plane in the Charlie and Jack flashbacks and she ended up with the taillies.
    Maybe, like Jack etc… got ‘flashed’ for a better word to the island from 316, some people who were needed were flashed off 815? Does this also explain how Jack woke up in the bamboo forest rather than the beach? Don’t know, has had me confused as well.

  3. ishkabible & ravengelus you are both wrong, i watched this the other night and charlie drops the drugs into the toilet and runs out, he sits a few seats from the loo when the plane crashes

  4. If I am not mistaken…

    When the heavy turbulence hits, Cindy is banging on the door of the lavratory where Charlie is trying to get rid of his drugs. She quickly realizes that this is an emergency and heads to her post in the rear of the fuselage.

    Charlie, meanwhile comes out as the plane starts going down and finds a seat to belt himself in. Neither are in the rear (or tail) section of the airliner.

    As to how close Charlie is to the cockpit that will end up in the jungle, that is a matter of speculation.

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