Quick Question… I’m rewatching again, and I can’t seem 2 remember what was Saiyd’s reason 4 being on the Oceanic flight in the first place.

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  1. for the first crash with boone, shannon, libby, and all them people, sayid was flying to los angeles to find nadia. (the girl he torchered). the second flight with the oceanic six (minus aaron), the police person was bringing him to guam cause of one of the familiesof whidmores men that sayid killed.

  2. hmm.. i cant remember ever finding out..
    why was he even in Oz? hmm…i’d have thought it would be important to give his story.
    maybe someone visited him and asked him to fly.. possibly someone like ilana? after all, they havent met on the island yet, so…

  3. He was in Australia for to find C-4 explosives. I don’t remember the names but his childhood mate was planning to make a terrorist attack and CIA asked sayid to find them.
    He helped CIA cause they said they know where the Nadia is.
    After all, he was returning to L.A..

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