assumptions on jacobs legacy.

could it be possible to assume, that jacob has infact influenced all the lifes of the lost crew?

in the last few episodes we see him influence kate and sawyer etc.

my point is, did the writers write series one. but also had jacobs role we now know of out as well?

because i cant help to think, when watching the old episodes that jacob has infact influenced michaels life a bit more than we may think so? and we see him with jin and sun, but if you look closely you can assume, in the loosest sense of the word, that he may have had a hand in bringing them together first.

and i have written a piece on jacobs possible exploiting of claries life.

when you re-watch the first and second serieshave a look out for what i mean, draw your own assumptions, and try to think of wher jacob could have influenced someones life….


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13 thoughts on “assumptions on jacobs legacy.

  1. I guess we won’t found out his influence till they tell us about it.
    It does stand to reason he would be interested in more than 4 or 5 people on the flight.

  2. losts-columbo, I definitely think we can make the assumption that Jacob has been influencing ‘the losties’ all along! I also think that extends to ‘the others’ as well.

    You are definitely at an advantage, having reviewed the earlier episodes, and is precisely why I want to go back and re-watch them, with this new perspective and point of vantage.

    I bet it is all gong to look very different, and I can’t wait to see what I might pick up from them!

    I loved your post on Claire, and how Jacob exploited her and her situation!

    Great thoughts, as usual!

  3. banlinus, this is the thing about it though, i dont think we wil find out or be told.
    its just interesting to watch the first episodes and the second series, and judge from the f;lash backs, were jacob could possibly have had his fingers in the pies, so to speak.

    dabs, quit painting and getting high, abnd watch lost again again!


  4. losts-columbo, almost done! yeah! lol I can’t wait to get back into Lost and watch how all of the previous seasons, line up with the finale of season 5, as you point out!

  5. losts-columbo, although I haven’t re-watched the earlier episodes, with Jacob in mind, I am sure that the writers knew all along how these characters would be brought together.

    I think Jacob orchestrated all of their meetings, and everything else that happened in their lives, including the circumstances that led them to be on Flight #815 to begin with.

    I recall the writers very early on, talking about chance meetings. That they could be viewed as either coincidence or something altogether different. This was a clue, I believe.

    I think, in the case of Lost, just as Jacob brought the Black Rock to ‘the island’, (and likely others), that he brought the 815’ers, but for a ‘special mission’.

    The chosen ones were hand selected, and the other passengers were just ‘extras’, to be used and disposed of, as they held no purpose in the grand scheme of things.

    If only we could figure out how Charles & Ms. Hawking fit into this picture, because I am sure that they do! hmm….wheels turning! lol

    Thanks for making me think about this!

  6. its actually quite an interesting excersise, i thought when i was watching it, in every flash back, could jacob have influenced this..such as michaels wifes illness, it came about “all of a sudden”, could jacob have smply of touched her like he did locke? its possible!

    and your clue from the writers could help this along abit. however, al my friends apart from me seem to ‘find things’ out , like aparent conjecture from the writers. in particular, that they only intended to make a few series, if this is the case, my assumptions and case is redundant. but if my case is valid then they must have ahad an over all story to last a good while, in my opinion!


  7. losts-columbo, my understanding when Lost began was, that they were only signed on for a certain number of episodes, initially, but did have the full story in mind, should the show be continued.

    The writers did say that in the first seasons, they were compelled to write in episodes, such as the history of Jack’s tattoos, etc., until they had a fixed end date to work towards.

    I have regularly followed the writers Podcasts since they began. (over on the ABC Lost website). That is the source I have relied upon.

  8. I loved The Libertine! I also loved John Wilmott. I don’t know why you thought I would hate him in the end….On the contrary, I completely understood him and what moved him as a man. I could engage in an indepth conversation about him. lol

    My favourite quote: “Any experiment of interest in life, will be carried out at your own expense”. “Mark it well.” How very true!

    Also, I liked his words “And wit was his pretense, in pleasing Alice”.

    I think he was quite remarkable, and brilliant!

    Thanks again for pointing the movie out to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  9. well thanks for clearing that up for me columbo!

    its nice to know theyd had this all writen out before filming. it makes things great to discover especially if your named after a famous investogator!


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