Can we assume that the time shift to 1977 is transferrable and an answer to Lost’s version of Chekhov’s Gun

By this question I simply theorise that maybe the island shift is only relative to those in the vicinity of the island. We see that those who came to the island in 1977 did so in a flash of white light. Is it not also possible that if Sawyer, Juliet and Kate went out further in the sub than they did prior to Sawyer Orange Juice Mutiny (cute, right?), then is it not possible that they too might share a flash of white light and wind up back in present time, i.e. 2007? We can accept this theory based on the working of Ben and Locke. Ben moved the island in time and he landed nearly a full year later in Tunisia. Similarly, after John fixed this error of Ben’s which lead to time skipping, the island adjusted into a constant time, albeit the wrong one, in 1977. Regardless, Locke lands off island in present time. That said, we know the passing of time is relative to environment, i.e. on or off-island. Over the space of a week, in what should of been 2004, on the island, the Losties were skipping from anywhere between the 19th century and 2007. Afterwards three years were spent in 1977. All the while, off-island, time moved as normal in a linear, uninterrupted fashion. Therefore, what I postulate is that regardless of time on the island, time runs smoothly off island, based on the points I have put forward. Time is interrupted, on island only, with the presence of a white light.

Therefore, at the end of ‘The Incident’, a white light, hardly a result Jughead, must propel the Losties into a later or ‘alternate time’. Though many postulate it sends them to 1992, in order to fix the purge. It makes sense, yes, as the purge seems to be a major factor in the history of the island, but the question remains do the producers have enough time to deal with another time jump, reconcile the present and appropriately deal with each of our loved main characters. Unfortunately, I think not. The producers have said that it would be Season 5 specifically, that would deal with time travel, leading me to believe that Season 6 would tackle a different theme. For the purposes of good story telling, speeding through Season 6 just to address the purge does not provide sufficient information for the other, more important, unasnwered questions. With regads to Jughead, we must look at it a clever plot device, simialr to Chekhov’s gun: introduced in Act 1 and used at the end of Act 2. However, Jughead has been introduced and brought back again, but we still have an entire Season, or Act, to go. Again, silly story telling to eliminate the entire main cast with a season to go? On a side note, does anyone find Jack’s indifference toward his fellow losties as irriating as Michael back in the day…’WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLT!’ Maybe it’s just me.

For those reasons, I reckon the white light will usher our Losties straight back into an ‘appropriate time’, possibly spending Season 6 as a reliving of Season 1 (a cop-out I do not wish to see, I might add). However, I leave you with a bit of food for thought: We have only seen WHITE flashes, as we did in the series finale, as a result of a few actions: entering the vicinity of the island (Flight 316) and when the island is moved (repercussions of the actions of Ben and Locke). We are naturally, but maybe blindly accepting that it is either jughead (I certainly hope not at this stage of the theory) or the energy pocket under the hatch that causes the white light. However, when the hatch imploded in Season 2, we saw a purple flash and purple. As the people on the island are neither leaving, nor coming to the island (they’re already there), then we must consider that the island may be moved at the same time as Jack & Co. attack Dharma at the hatch. The question is who is there to do it? Purely speculating, after Richard took little Ben to the Others camp to be healed, we didn’t really see much of him afterwards. Maybe Ben was ordered by Richard to move the island as repayment for saving his life? Or maybe, the recruitment of a certain polar bear might have caused this move? Again, these are poorly supported hypotheses, but I welcome other theories on who may have moved the island ‘this time’.

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  1. Clever Name, I take it that you are stating that what happened in the finale of Season 5, was a result of turning the FDW. I do not think this was the case.

    According to Lostpedia, turning the FDW and the implosion of the Swan (when Desmond turned the fail-safe), and ‘the incident’ are quite similar, as seen below.

    “When Stuart Radzinsky disregarded Pierre Chang’s warnings about drilling into a pocket of energy located below the Swan station site in July 1977, he triggered a magnetic anomaly similar to the discharge. This “incident” caused magnetic objects of increasingly large size to start flying into the drilling shaft. While the sky did not light purple, the noise that occurred was identical the one that would later happen when Desmond turned the key and when Ben and Locke turned the frozen wheel.”

    But this doesn’t address why Ben landed 10 months into the future, why ‘the island’ flashed when Ben & Locke turned the FDW, and why it didn’t when Desmond turned the fail-safe.

    I am not sure there is a definitive answer to that question at present.

    I agree that while the losties’ may ‘flash’ to another time frame, they may not go directly to 2007. There could be a brief stopover in another time frame, as has been seen previously.

    I also agree this will likely be brief, if it happens, as the writers will have to focus on the story at hand, and not spend too much time, delving into areas that won’t further the viewers along to the end of the story.

  2. The island doesn’t skip in time when the wheel is turned it’s more like it moves to a different location hence the Lampost that somehow detects where it’s going to be. It’s people that move through time and only certain people at that. I thought proximity to the island had some affect until I thought about Jin being on the boat as it exploded was further away from the island than the people in the helicoptor, he still got sent backwards and forwards in time while the others didn’t.

    Also after the losties stopped skipping around the time spent on the island was sequesential from ’74 to ’77.

  3. Angus, technically ‘the island’ does move in time according to Lostpedia and the writers. The reason Jin ‘flashed’ with ‘the island’, and the Helicopter and Freighter did not, because they were outside of the radius and Jin was withiin it.

    From Lostpedia:

    “When Ben turned the wheel a huge, blinding white glow covered the Island and the sky turned a violet color, just like when Desmond activated the fail-safe. The turning of the wheel transported Ben to Tunisia, 10 months into the future. After that, the Island disappeared, it began travelling through time, and the Oceanic Six, Frank, and Desmond were making their way to land on the island in the helicopter when the Island moved, and were forced to crash into the ocean.”

    Why ‘the losties’ ‘flashed’ and ‘the others’ didn’t was also answered by the writers in one of their Podcasts.

    Hope this is helpful.

  4. Wasn’t the limitation of the flash-induced time traveling addressed by Faraday before Locke jumped into the well at the Orchid? In so far as I understood it, flash-induced-time-travel affected the Oceanic 815 survivors and newcomers (Widmore’s cronies) who were inside the radius when Ben moved the island. Every time the light flashed they all simultaneously time traveled wherever they were inside the radius like Rose and Bernard also ending up in 1977 like Sawyer, Juliette, Jin, Miles and Faraday.
    Of course it was never shown if the light affected the Others too since the show only follows the survivors through the time-traveling arc. I wouldn’t be surprised if the flashes didn’t affect them because it seems that a different set of rules govern the Others’ reality.

  5. I like that idea waycurious. If there was a minor time shift when Des turned the key, maybe thats what accounted for the time difference between the freighter and the island?

  6. Hi Angus, I can’t recall the exact Podcast. It was either after the episode where Faraday arrived on the remnants of the Zodiac, or after Jin arrived back on ‘the island’, and met up with Rousseau and her team.

    Hope that is somewhat helpful.

  7. Minor time shift when Des turned the key — possible. Which makes me think that having had the full-blast of whatever power source that was, left Des not only naked in the woods but also a time-traveler that’s why he’s “psychic”.

  8. the jin swimming faster than the helicopter got me also. unless the explosion blew jin half way there. lol. it still doesn’t make sense though. Sometimes i just assume I will know in the next season.

  9. There is more to it than a simple shift from the Swan implosion.

    The island is subtly moving through time in an almost chaotic fashion.

    It may have to do with the implosion, more likely the incident. I think when Des turned the key, it stopped the moving through time…or more likely, slowed it down…but it still moved in some way more than once.

    When you think back to Faradays experiment with the rocket, and its 31 minute tardiness…its understandable to quickly say it went in under the incorrect bearings, and arrived a little late.

    But think ahead to the doctor being killed, even if its still bearings, the body somehow traveled in time and came in earlier than the occurance on the freighter.

    I think Bens turning of the wheel was a way to kick start the island, and it not being in place correctly, moving back and forth even slightly is what caused the island to skip through time at a rapid and distant rate, causing the nosebleeds and death that followed.

    When John set the wheel, I think it put the island back in the same manner it was originally… untouched by the hands of science.

    The island goes back to how it was pre Dharma, and the whole thing starts all over again.

    Now if your one to chalk it up to simple bearings being the cause of the time differences, than I understand your dismay for this thought.

    As for the purge, I agree with your thoughts whole heartedly. Not enough time for a timejump…but very possible enough time for an episode flashback…Ben most likely. I think what we know happened was the result of what the losties caused, but for once (for me), not in that changing the past kind of way.

    I see the DI blaming the Others for what occured at the Swan, and setting up some plan to attack them with their gas. I think someone (Ben, Anti Locke, or both) tips off the others about what is going to happen, and the others use DIs weapon on them, as we know it…the purge .

    I’ll also go out on a very small, unstable limb and say that AntiLocke may somehow be the one who actually ordered the purge. Making the scene in Cabin Fever where Ben says he didnt order the purge, to Hurley and John, all the more interesting.

    Is it possible that Ben knew the entire time what was going on? Could he really have been in some way, at least partially aware of some events that were taking place were so important. That John was so important?

    And I will conclude with a yes…I am aware that Ben seemed very convincing during the whole last episode as to being clueless. And yes I am aware that Ben lies….ALOT.

    Thats what makes it so possible. What Ben does best is lie, make people think his ideas are their own.

    Sorry I got a little off track, very good theory. Many different directions it can be taken. Extremely well thought out…
    I’ll let someone else talk now.

  10. AES, you definitely summed things up very nicely, and I agree with what you say. It makes good sense.

    Regarding Ben and what he knew and didn’t know, I personally find it hard to believe that he was completely in ‘the dark’ about things.

    We would have to believe that Ben followed Jacob’s orders, blindly and without question. I simply find this hard to fathom, given Ben’s nature for complete control and hunger for power.

    Ben likely knew just how important Locke was to the overall game, and I feel he definitely was aware of many of the aspects that took place. He has always been helping things along when need be.

    Ben serves a greater purpose, and that is himself, first and foremost. This made him very amenable as a pawn for Fake Locke, IMO.

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