tag team.

just a small trivial thing.

in season three when we see Richard Alpert (ricardus alpertusumbledore) trying to poach Juliette to help them with there studies. its quite blatent that Alpert had somedoing in the death of that guy, whos name dodges my cranium just now. you know, juliettes boss guy that romantically had Sherry in the med cupboard.

well, anyway, the getting run over by a bus scenario, was just like jacob and using the car to run over sayids wifey.

i wonder if they came up with these ideas together, or tryed to out do wach other in running over people, see who could do it the best.

Alpert wins!



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2 thoughts on “tag team.

  1. losts-columbo, love the last name for Ricardus! lol

    Juliette’s boss was her ex-hubby, Edmund! And, I guarantee you that ‘old’ Ricardus had him done in by the Bus.

    You’re right, it was very similar the way Sayid’s wife and Edmund both got hit. But, the award goes ‘hands down’ to Edmund getting ‘smucked’ by the bus, in my books!

    ‘Go Ricky, Go Ricky’ haha lol

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