MIB tries to kill Losties

If MIB is the black smoke monster, i have noticed some intresting facts about him.

>Let’s say MIB takes the images of dead people. He tried many times to kill some of the losties using the images of people they know. Eg: Christian appears on the island and Jack chases him, during this he falls off the cliff and Locke saves him. When MIB takes the image of Dave, he tries to make Hurley suicide. And maybe when Sawyer passed out, and Kate thinks that Wayne’s ghost is inside him, maybe MIB is using Sawyers body, and tries to strangle Kate.

>I think that MIB maybe tries to kill important people to use them, just like Locke’s body.

>There are some holes in my theory though. MIB has already used images of people that haven’t died, like Walt. But Walt is still a mystery and maybe there’s someting else about him. Anyway, that’s my theory, i know it might be silly but it’s just a thought!

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3 thoughts on “MIB tries to kill Losties

  1. i think the MIB doesnt want change whereas Jacob does which is why Jacob brings certain people to the island and then the MIB tries to kill them, to prevent change

  2. I think MIB took over the island when jacob was awaiting his death somehow knowing it, this way he doesnt disturb the losties wanting them to change but with THEIR choices but the main problem was Ben and Jacob, he wanted to die as long as it was someones choice maybe?? Im not in a thinking mood for this thread so…Hope ive helped somehow 😉

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