“Two for the Road” Christian

They played it this weekend and it made me think …

Is there something impt. about those who met Christian pre-815? Lots seem to be removed from the island.

Ana Lucia – his bodyguard. A good person wanted by the Others, per Ben (yeah, I know) – bam. Dead.

Was Michael sent specifically to get her? (Michael clearly had a plan to get a gun, learn how to shoot it, and then use it on some losties – but not Hurley’s girl*)

Desmond was sent away, too. (but got to live).

Could they be involved someway in MIB/Jacob plans and removed to interfere with same plans?

Kinda’ like Locke exchanges, and him defying ‘don’t open the hatch’ type stuff.

Cool note – CS argues w/an Australian woman about seeing his daughter – but this episode isn’t mentioned wrt to Clare Littleton.

*Don’t bring a girl you meet on ‘the island’ to a beach picnic. Just as Sayid & Hurley.

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3 thoughts on ““Two for the Road” Christian

  1. Who mentioned that the Others aren’t what they seem? Michael describes them as just a few dirty living in tents – when we know they live nice and clean in the Dharma huts.

  2. waycurious, I like your thoughts on this one!

    While it would appear that Jacob needed to physically touch ‘the losties’, maybe his nemesis works differently.

    We have not seen him touch anyone, but maybe that will be answered next season, and we will know how he selects people.

    I’m interested to see what other people have to say. I really think your onto something. Sorry, I can’t be more helpful, though!

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