Patricide & Purges

As we have obviously learned by now, the writers of Lost just love to repeat themselves. Characters face similar metaphysical struggles over and over again, trying to redeem themselves or overcome their ‘tendencies’. MIB speaks of the same cycle repeating over and over again, people arriving, fighting, killing each other. Dialog such as ‘didn’t we already do the whole running through the jungle thing’ or ‘you’re like a broken record doc’…episode titles like The Beginning Of The End(aka a loop)…indications that things are repeating, that much of what we’ve seen has happened before. Sure, we could take this one step further and say everything has LITERALLY happened before, that we’re watching some final iteration where our Losties get it right and there’s peace on earth.

For now let’s just agree that the same themes and events repeat themselves throughout the show, even if the details change…cowboys having daddy issues, etc.

With that in mind, here’s a theory to consider:

Several of the events we witnessed in The Incident have happened before.

Benjamin Linus’ guilt is taken advantage of. His dead daughter rises from the grave, pins him up against a wall, and gives him one simple instruction: do whatever John Locke tells you to do. We can now reasonably assume that this incarnation of Alex(and consequently, Locke) was MIB tugging on Ben’s heart-strings, exploiting his weakness(love of a female family member+guilt that they’ve passed), and positioning Ben to do MIB’s bidding. The quote about ‘making people think it’s their idea when it’s really mine’ comes to mind, and it’s rather ironic to see how few of Ben’s big ideas are actually his.

Part 2 of MIB’s plan involves tying up loose ends, eliminating threats, and basically cleaning up the mess and taking out the garbage. Referring to Illana, Bram, Lapidus & co, Phlocke tells Alpert ‘we’re going to have to do something about the people on the plane’. Alpert looks a bit disturbed by this, but like many of Phlocke’s instructions, he doesn’t Argue…he appears to be an unwilling participant.

Ok so here’s what we have:
Deceased female relative guilt-trips Ben into killing Jacob.
Fake leader instructs Alpert to mass-murder.

Sound familiar? If not, I recommend you re-watch The Man Behind The Curtain.

The Incident is a carbon copy of the Purge and the murder of Roger Linus by a young, manipulated Benjamin Linus.

Ben Linus did not order the purge, and it was not his idea to kill his father.

Young Benjamin was often being told by his father that it was HIS fault that his mother died. The guilt was overwhelming. Who appears at his window? His deceased mother, just like Alex, ready to take advantage of his pain and guilt and convert it into rage…almost like a dress-rehearsal for his murdering of Jacob years later.

Ben was told by MIB that if he wanted to be leader that he had to kill his father.
This is why Ben gave Locke the same precondition of joining the Others. Ben was under the impression it was tradition. Meanwhile, it was MIB conditioning and shaping young Ben’s mind, desensitizing him to the act of Patricide. Kill your father, purge his family…fulfill your destiny (Considering this, is it any wonder that Ben & Locke have so many similarities? Both born prematurely, both with mothers having the same name, both living on communes with pseudo-foster-families, both hate their fathers….they are 2 of a kind, both pawns, both puppets).

This of course leads to the purge….an act that we’ve never seen ordered.
Upon finding the mass graves, Ben mentions that he was merely following orders.
Seems to me that there are massive holes in the power structure of the Others.
Who ordered him to mass-murder? Does it seem realistic that Alpert wanted to gas Dharma, especially considering his reaction to Locke’s orders to purge the Ajira survivors? I doubt it. Alpert has rarely made big decisions and definitely went out of his way to maintain peace with Dharma.

Young Ben follows his dead mother into the woods and meets a very oddly dressed and peculiar Richard Alpert, who in turn tells Ben to be patient.
Was it really Alpert? Why was he dressed as a Hessian? Does Alpert strike you as the type of person to play dress-up? I just can’t see him as the glued-on-beard type, especially considering that this is the only instance of him dressing that way. Even in 1952 Alpert is already metrosexual. It’s not like he decided to go with the times and grow his hair out and stop showering. The guy has been dressed almost exactly the same in every single scene he’s ever been in, except for this one scene, where he’s enticing Ben and telling him about this very timely complicated plan(MIB in the incident: ‘you have no idea what I’ve gone through to be here’).

Obviously this suggests our favorite inposter, MIB.

Did MIB somehow pretend to be Alpert, entice Ben with the offer of power and purpose, tell him he was special just like John Locke, orchestrate the purge, simultaneously hi-jacking Jacob’s line of communication with Alpert, instructing Alpert that Ben was the new leader? Alpert did say that ‘Jacob’ told him to save Young Ben…and yet we have Jacob stating ‘what about you’ with regards to Ben…that doesn’t sound like Jacob considers Ben to be a ‘chosen one’. So if not Jacob, who told Alpert to save Ben? Has Ben been a fool all these years? Who’s orders and lists has he been following? Seems to me this would explain why Jacob never healed his tumor. Ben is not a chosen one, he is not special, he is not protecting the Island. Ben has been hell-bent on keeping people from the Island…does Jacob share that school of thought? Seems to me that MIB is the one who objects to visitors, while Jacob encourages them, heck, even invites them.

Ben has been a fool since day one and he was conditioned to kill his fathers and purge his families by the Man In Black.
I’m hoping he finds redemption in Season 6, and I’m guessing he’s going to make the ultimate sacrifice, and possibly kill his father (MIB) one last time.

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13 thoughts on “Patricide & Purges

  1. Hello Sin, long time no see…

    I agree with what you are saying to a certain extent, mostly with Richard not playing dress up.
    Besides, with that eyeliner, I think if he did, he might have worn a skirt.

    Seriously though, I think it was actually Alpert speaking to a young Benjamin Linus…

    But my question is was it actually Jacob who sent him there, or Mr. MIB?

    I appreciate the thought you put into this, and if it comes true, hell of a theory.

    Regardless, I REALLY feel “Cabin Fever” is one of, if not, the most important episode pre season 5.

    Many things were brought to our attention, and I think Bens words to Locke and Hurley were extremly important.

    I actually posted something a while back that Locke is the one who gave the orders, and after witnessing the finale, I think I may have been correct…just not the Locke we knew for almost 5 seasons, but “AntiLocke”.

    I think that would add so much more to Bens words of who actually gave the order.

    I dont think time travel is through yet, and I think it will all “come back around”.

    Nice thought again, hope to keep hearing them from you here during our long and painful break…

  2. Alpert’s a major mystery no doubt, I still am having a hard time believing that he was actually as shocked as he seemed when Fake Locke told him to go take the bullet out of “real” Locke’s leg by the drugplane. Richard’s been around forever, and if he knows what’s in the shadow of the statue, he must know about time travel I would think. Why would he be surprised about what was goin on in that “bullet in the leg” instance. (Not sure why I even mentioned that, but yeah, what the hell’s up with Richard?)

    It seems everyone has their own idea about MIB, and who he could have taken over in the past 5 seasons. We know he took over Locke’s appearance, but that doesn’t necissarily mean he has been in disguise from the get go as anyone else. As you said, Richard was dressed quite oddly when little buttface saw him in the jungle after chasing his mom, and I see your point with maybe MIB disguising as him, you seem to have some good thoughts to back it up, and it’s good to see. There are SO MANY TIMES though over the course of this show where someone has acted differently then normal, and now everyone has to throw the “That was MIB in disguise” idea at it. I’m waitin to see an instance that someone comes up with that clicks like an atom bomb. A moment where it’s so obvious that it was MIB, that there are no doubts. The Christian and Claire cabin scene seems about as likely a candidate as any to this point (I just read another theory of yours RiseByson that included that scene, so it rang a bell)

  3. one thing ive always been unsure since watching the S5 finale and rewatching all the seasons is Ben’s mother.

    we know that she gives birth but dies off the island. we also assume that the MIB can pretend to be people on the island who’s body’s have been left unburied.

    So, was Ben’s mother’s body brought to the island, and if not, how did the MIB impersonate her if we take everything we know about him up to now as true?

    im confused!

  4. About Ben’s mother, have you noticed that when Ben was reading a book on AIJRA flight he answered Jack telling him “my mother used to read me stories “or something like that? I remember that as soon as I heard that line i thought how it could be possible if his mother had died delivering Ben? Please tell me something about it!

  5. risebysin, I totally agree with your take on Locke & Ben. By the end of Season 5, it is hard not to reach the conclusion that Ben is, as big a pawn as Locke has been! The similarities are undeniable!

    I have noticed similar themes running between some of the characters, but couldn’t get a proper fix on them. I considered the ‘twin factor’, but it didn’t seem to pan out.

    As for the storyline itself, there are definitely some similarities, however subtle. But, I believe they are there.

    As for Richard Alpert, what may be a good possibility is, that Jacob’s nemesis has likely taken on as many forms just as the smoke monster has done, throughout the series.

    The one affirming piece of information that he has done this in my mind is, that it is mainly ‘the dead’ that he uses to work through. I still don’t feel that the smoke monster and he, are one in the same though.

    The other key factor that may point to ‘young Ben’ being healed by Jacob’s nemesis is, that Richard Alpert (fake or not) tells Sawyer & Kate that Ben will not be the same, and will lose his innocence, and have no recollection of the event.

    This doesn’t sound like a ‘healing’ to me, this sounded more like a ‘transformation’!

    Given all of that, I think this does point to the ‘dualistic’ nature of certain characters, and what we are viewing in terms of ‘sides’.

    Great read and thoughts!

  6. With regards to Ben’s comment about his mother teaching him to read, I think next season we will see that Ben interacted with his deceased mom quite a bit while on the Island. How? No clue. I’m not sure how she got there, but Charlie & Eko & Libby & Ana Lucia were off-island, Dave went from off-island to on-island…we don’t quite know the true rules of it. But we know Ben’s mother spoke to him on Island at least once, and I think she was the spiritual bait needed to reel young Linus in.

  7. Thank you Risebysin for the clue about Ben’s Mother: she was surely a way to lure him and to deceive him . His hate towards his father who had always blamed him for killing his mother did probably give a little push. But what do you all think about Saiyd shooting Ben? Don’t you agree with me that somehow he did change something? In the first past we saw Ben being still a member of the D.I. as a young man and killing his father during the purge. Now Ben is a young boy taken to the others to be saved and to stay with them presumibly ever after. If it is so, what about the purge? I’d like to know what you think!

  8. Pennyanddes…That has got to be a serious clue that the losties are changing the future. I doubt that Ben at some point, goes back to Dharma as a teen, and from there decides to kill his father. As you basically said, we have to only assume that Ben stays with the others throughout the rest of his life after being shot and handed over to them. Good call

  9. I don’t know why you think Ben will ‘presumably’ be with the Others ever after. It seems more likely to me that Alpert will return him to Dharma, Ben wasn’t exactly welcomed into the arms of the Others by Widmore and co.
    I can’t think of any evidence within the 1974-77 Dharma storyline that contradicts the plot-points we’ve seen in Ben’s Flashbacks, etc. Thus, the Purge still happens, just as we always saw it.

  10. Well, with one season left, I don’t see the writers going into Ben’s history AGAIN, just to explain how he was handed over to the others (by Kate and Sawyer) became a teenager and left to go join Dharma for whatever reason, kill off Dharma, then rejoin with the others. I think we’ve seen all there is to Ben’s past, at least I kind of hope. So to me, I’m just hoping the losties, Sayid in this instance, has changed the past by shooting Ben and has made a new future for the island…or whatever the hell.

  11. I have Just remembered something that can prove you’re right risebysin. When we saw Ben having a crush on Juliet somebody said “Julied must remind him about her” Who is the girl/woman Ben reminds looking at Juliet? Does he remembers Juliet trying to save him after Saijd had shot him or could it be Annie? Or could it be his mother but I can’t see any resamblance between her and Juliet,apart being both blonde.

  12. risebysin, I agree that it was implied that Ben would be returned to Dharma, after he was healed. Also, it goes with what Richard always told Ben, about having to be much older before he would be allowed to join their camp.

    I interpreted Richard’s statement of “he will always be one of us” to mean that regardless of where Ben was his loyalty would be to ‘the others’.

    We do not see Ben with ‘the others’ until he is much older.

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