Ms.Hawkins fears something’s bad’s going to happen

When Ms. Hawking said “for the first time I don’t know what’s going to happen” or something like that, it was quite a clue to me. If she knows for sure that no matter what you can do to change things to happen, still the man in the red shoes is going to die because the universe has its ways to course correcting, the why is she so fearful and “may god help us all”?Maybe she knows our losties have changed something in the past and now who knows the consequences? In my opinion Sajid did change the future shooting Ben because as we saw in the past Ben lived with his father and the D.I. until he became a young adult and then killed his father and all the Dharma people during the purge. Now in this new past he was shot when he was a little boy, taken the to the Others to be saved and probably stayed with them since then. How did Ethan end up to be one of the others and why did her mother Amy have a necklace with the same symbol hold in the hands of the statue? Was she one of the others from the beginning? What are your opinions, comments or answer about these ideas?

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I'm from Italy and I am of course a huge Lost fan. Can't wait to have all the answers! I like misteries, science fiction philosophy and myths. Human nature has more or less been the same for centuries now and I do believe in free will more than destiny.I am a woman of science more than faith. Lost is soooo well written,well done and well acted.

One thought on “Ms.Hawkins fears something’s bad’s going to happen

  1. Ms. Hawking is afraid of what might happen next because she’s been relying on second-hand information that has been passed on via the time loop from 1974 to 2004. Now that she is ‘past’ the scope of the loop, she has no idea what will happen.

    Her faith in course correction was related to the fact that past events were made possible by future events yet to take place. For example, no matter what happens, Flight 815 must crash on the island, because if it doesn’t, then Faraday and the freighter never comes, never time-travels, and she never shoots her son. She KNOWS future events are unavoidable, because they are connected to past events.

    What makes you say that Ben stays with the Others forever and never returns to Dharma? I think the storyline points towards Ben being returned to Dharma and still initiating the Purge and killing his own father. Nothing about the storyline we’ve seen so far suggests that Ben couldn’t have been away from Dharma for a couple of days being revived with the Others and then returned.

    With regards to Ethan, I think you answered your own question. How did Ethan become an Other? Well, his mother was holding an Ankh and his father is dead…seems like perhaps she’s an Other and raised him as such.

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