Why press a button???

as the DI seemed quite technically advanced, couldnt they have set up a system that automatically dissapates the E-mag build-up every 108 minutes?

i know the button pressing was apparantly a scientific test but it still seems a bit overkill if you ask me. apart from the Swan station imploding, nothing else (that we are aware of) actually happened – the island didnt blow up etc. if the swan wasn’t really that important why didnt the DI just destroy the pocket of energy (like Desmond did) in the first place instead of going through the hastle of building a hatch.

was the hatch more important than we were led to believe?

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2 thoughts on “Why press a button???

  1. According to the orientation film it was an incedent that happened after the Swan was up and running that necessitated the 108 protocol. Pressing the button was not the Swan’s original purpose.

  2. I_Am_Jacob, the only thought I had on why it was so important to actually have people perform the function, had everything due to do with the fact, if a technical malfunction occurred, a human would be there to fix it.

    Also, we saw what occurred when the numbers were not entered. It required Desmond’s intervention with the fail-safe.

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