Whats good lost fans… to the site…i was just wondering does anybody have any thoughts on nadia……i have seen her in a couple of episodes……John locke met her…..she was sayids girl…..and charlie saved her from a mugging…..i know that john was not from manchester so he didn’t meet her there and charlie was not from l.a(if i’m not mistaken)….but my question is why was she in these places at these times?

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5 thoughts on “NADIA

  1. I definately hope we get more of a story on her. She seems important. I think it would be really cool to get some significance of the background characters.

  2. hey there boogslost. wellcome to the site. hope you like it as much as i do,haha.

    your right about nadia, she has come up a lot in the show.and it seems that jacob let her get knocked over and killed? could this be for a specific reason other than maybe to get sayid back to the island? as i dont think he would have ever gone back if nadia was still alive?

    most of the characters have met or crossed paths somewhere before? im hopeing in the last season we get this question answerd. eko rocks

  3. i hear you eko rocks…..the other thing i was wondering is why did he come to sayid after the 1st time they went to the island..he saw all the other losties before the 1st flight

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