Falpert: A Solution to Richard Alpert, The Others & The Supposed Lines Of Communication Between Jacob & His ‘Followers’

Richard Alpert has never received a single order or list from Jacob. The culture of the Others is one massive lie from start to finish. Jacob has never been involved in their culture, their customs, or their rules.
Falpert has been lying to Widmore, Hawking & Ben from day one.
Jacob has become a system of control for Falpert, holding the fear/respect for Jacob over the heads of the Others for decades if not longer.
Falpert and Flocke are alligned.

Ben has literally killed people in order to keep the Island hidden and to prevent more people from coming to the Island. Out of the two schools of thoughts, who is more likely to keep people away from the Island…Jacob or Jacob’s Nemesis? Jacob invites people to the Island, he doesn’t keep them away. So do you think Ben is putting Jacob’s methods into practice? Allow me to answer: he isn’t. Jacob has been inviting people to the Island throughout history without fear…he doesn’t act as a ‘security system for the Island’….which is ironically a phrase often used to describe Smokie’s function.

Smokie, Flocke & Falpert are alligned. Ben has been serving their side, not Jacob’s. Let’s call them Team Nemesis.

Why doesn’t Alpert age? Because he’s dead. The real Richard Alpert came on The Black Rock(as most of us would probably agree), died, and his body became an option for Team Nemesis. He says ‘Whatever I am, Jacob is the reason why’. Team Nemesis has a vendetta against Jacob, much like Ben sought vengeance against Charles Widmore, but he couldn’t kill him because of a rule, just like Team Nemesis couldn’t kill Jacob until they found a loophole. Notice in both of these conflicts that Ben is on the side of blood-thirsty vengeance. I’m not sure just yet why exactly Team Nemesis is seeking revenge, though the God & Devil archetypes that I think Jacob & Nemesis are clearly based on have always made me think that Jacob somehow threw Nemesis out of his club. There was a ‘fall’ of some sorts. Nemesis used to be better, bigger, more powerful, but Jacob reduced him to something less, something more human. This explains the quote ‘Whatever I am, Jacob is the reason why’. But Team Nemesis is not happy about their situation.

Why is it that Ben asked Falpert repeatedly to meet/see Jacob, yet was denied time and time again…yet when Flocke asks Falpert, he’s ushered to the foot? Because Flocke & Falpert are in-league with each other. They share the same goals. Sure, there’s a conversation in The Incident where Falpert and Flocke speak, and nothing in there would indicate that they’re on the same page…but nothing really contradicts the concept. They’re not far from Ben, they could just be staying in character while exchanging ideas like ‘the people from ajira will have to be taken care of’.

Jacob never told Falpert to save Young Ben Linus, it was Falpert’s own decision. He personally picked Ben out as the weakest link of the Dharma Initiative. He knew that exploiting Ben was the easiest way in. He has done this for centuries, find the weakness, attack, conquer, assimilate. Over time he has developed the institution that is The Others as a means for controlling an Army that can swiftly help him take out these various invading groups like the U.S. Military, Egyptians, The Black Rock, etc. Thus, Ben needed to survive…but when Widmore challenged Falpert’s decision, he tells Widmore ‘Jacob told me to do it’. When? He traveled to the foot that fast? Or did he already know Ben was coming? If he knew Ben was going to be shot, why didn’t he prevent it? After all, this is the chosen one, chosen by Jacob. Or so goes Falpert’s big fat lie.

If Falpert was communicating with Jacob, why did he need to go off-Island 3 times to test Locke and determine if he was a future leader? He could’ve just asked Jacob. But since he never talks to Jacob, Alpert had to do some investigating. And no, he wasn’t testing Locke to see if he was special…he was testing Locke to see if Locke was from the future. That’s why he was so upset that Locke apparently picked the wrong item…he was developing his plan already, Locke being a future pawn of his. Why do you think Falpert’s ears perked up when he heard Locke mention Jacob’s name? He probably shared that name with very few people(if any) before that moment. And so the plan began….

Jacob would never order a purge or sanction a purge yet Ben says he was ‘following orders’ with regards to the purge. Who’s orders? Falperts. I doubt Falpert was told to mass-murder by Jacob. In fact, in the year 2007, we have Nemesis ordering another purge. So what are the odds that both Jacob and Nemesis are in favor of purges? People argue over which side is good, Jacob’s, or his Nemesis’s…but you can’t argue that NEITHER is good. Lost will come down rather definitively on one side or the other. Only one side can use mass-murder, and we directly witnessed Nemesis in the form of Flocke ordering one…so it stands to reason that Nemesis ordered the first Purge.

How did Team Nemesis get Ben to purge people anyways? They got him to kill Jacob by using the ghost of his dead daughter Alex…if only there was another dead relative of his we’ve seen on the Island who Team Nemesis could use to manipulate him…hmmm…oh yeah that’s right, his dead mother, Emily Linus, who originally leads Ben to FALPERT of all people…the same dead mother he tells Jack taught him how to read(we all thought that was just a funny Ben-the-pathological-liar moment didn’t we?)…I bet Ben’s dead mother spent ALOT more time with him than we’ve been shown, and we’ll see more of it next week. Team Nemesis will stop at nothing. Hey Mr. Eko, you feel guilty about your brother dying? Yemi pops up. You stand firm and say you did what you had to do and show strength? You get eliminated. For Team Nemesis, they kill the strong and promote the weak and use the weak to govern the rest. Widmore gets exiled for a reason…like Eko, he’s a threat. On the contrary, Ben & Locke, the two moths who were taken out of their cocoon before they could be strong enough for the world, are the weak leaders of The Others. You will not find two more downtrodden, pathetic, emotionally crippled, spiritually vulnerable characters on Lost than Benjamin Linus & John Locke. They have been through hell and Team Nemesis knows it and uses them as their favorite puppets.

Hey, while I’m talking about dead relatives, it’s kind of interesting that Falpert marches into the Barracks and leaves with Amy’s husband’s body over his shoulder. It wouldn’t i surprise me if next season we learn Amy was manipulated via dead-husbandry to help Falpert get a hold on Dharma from the inside.

Funny how Falpert always pops up in the jungle too…same way FHarper popped up and told Juliet to kill Faraday and Charlotte(before they could shut off the gas and save every HUMAN being on The Island)…it’s almost like they’re using the Cerberus vents, don’t you think? Beware of Team Nemesis.

Juliet tells Falpert that she could only come to the Island if a bus hits her ex-husband. A bus hits her ex-husband. Does this sound like something Jacob would endorse, support, or order? Or does this sound like the act of the bad guys, Team Nemesis, making sure she comes to the Island? Everybody always chalked it up to fate when that bus hit her ex…now we have a confirmed ACTIVE force manipulating events, and we need to rethink these uber-cool moments with this in mind.

When Flocke gives Falpert instructions as to treating the wound in time-skipping Locke’s leg, Falpert acts befuddled and amazed(because Ben is in his presence)…when Alpert attends to Locke’s wound, he is completely certain of what to say and do and even goes beyond what Flocke instructed him to do…because they are in-league and working on the same plan. After all, why would Falpert be so amazed…Locke has time-traveled to him and handed him his own compass, and if we’re to believe Falpert’s perspective, he’s now saying Locke has risen from the dead…yet he’s amazed? He’s putting on a show.

Falpert takes young Ben into the temple, same place that Flocke takes Ben to find Smokie. Both Flocke and Falpert have intimiate knowledge of the substructures of the Island. Falpert puts Jughead under the barracks. Falpert knows PRECISELY which wall to break down to get into the Barracks. Falpert knows where Jacob is. Characters refer to Falpert and say ‘he’s as old as the Island’. Well, the Island was there wayyyyy before The Black Rock arrived, so how can Falpert be as old as the Island if Alpert didn’t arrive on it until 1850????? Because he was using a different ‘shell’ or ‘host’ or ‘costume’ or whatever you want to call it, up until that round of conflict-conquering-assimilating of The Black Rockians.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Falpert: A Solution to Richard Alpert, The Others & The Supposed Lines Of Communication Between Jacob & His ‘Followers’

  1. risebysin, I just want to say first off, really nice work! This is an awesome theory!

    I also think you have hit on some significant things. Mainly, Richard Alpert, and Ben being a pawn along with Locke in addition!

    I do have a few questions, that I would like you to answer. Why do you think Ilana asks for Richard upon her arrival at the statue? Jacob recruits her assistance, so I am curious to know why she specifically asks for him.

    You haven’t actually stated such, but I think you are implying that Jacob’s Nemesis could be a fallen angel. Is this accurate? I like this idea, as it would give meaning to the nature of Jacob and his Nemesis’ dispute and relationship.

    Also, where and what team do you think Christian Shephard is playing for/on?

    I think you have tied things together quite nicely. The only thing I am uncertain of, and it is not because you haven’t done a wonderful job at illustrating and presenting your case is, about the smoke monster. I’ll have to do more thinking on this aspect.

    I will definitely come back with more thoughts, when you have time to answer the above. I have more input for you.

    Again, splendid job!

  2. Good stuff risebysin. Some things that I am not clear on though. You are saying that Flocke and Alpert are one and the same? Also I’m not sure that Jacob wouldn’t allow the purge or somehow set up the bus hitting Juliettes’ ex. We saw him letting the car hit Nadia when he could have saved her. Morals the way we think of them don’t seem to apply to Jacob if they get in the way of his agenda.

    Where Ben fell and was confronted by the Smoke Monster and his daughter is not the temple. We still haven’t seen that yet and I am very interested in what is in there!

    There are definitely different factions working together toward different agendas but knowing who’s who and what team they are on is all up in the air.

  3. great theory. well thought out. although personally i think you are assuming too much good on jacobs side without enough evidence. We only hear one conversation way out of context, and really either side could be the bad one.

    otherwise sounds pretty solid. however i think if richard is in on it… i dont think he is a reanimated body. he is around too often for that.

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