Back at Last

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the delay in getting the site back up. I’ve been really busy these last few months and haven’t had time to focus my attention on getting the site back up.

But at long last, I’ve finally managed to get it up and running again. You may notice that it seems to have gone back in time. Well, as the site was attacked so was the database and I had to restore a backup of one what I had backed up on 29th July 2009. This means there’s about 6 weeks worth of theories that aren’t on the site anymore.

If your theory / question / fun post was posted from 29th July until the site went down, please don’t worry. I’ve saved everyone’s post in their own individual word document (including the comments) so please email me if you’re missing a few theories. It’s up to you if you repost them.

Also, if you registered after 29th July 2009 I’m sorry but you will have to register again. I’ve also changed the way the registration process works. The site was vulnerable to the attack by allowing users to register, but this is now disabled. To register now, all you have to do is email me at with a desired username and password. You can change the password once I’ve added you. I know this my be a bit tedious but it’s the only way I can keep the site being safe from anymore attacks.

So anyway, we’re back up and running, and not a moment too soon! Thanks for your patience, and I hope you all enjoy the site as much as you did the first time round.

Namaste xx

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23 thoughts on “Back at Last

  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this site to come back again. Now let’s hope all the active posters etc. come back too πŸ™‚
    Thanks for getting the site up again! Keep up the good work

  2. emzi, I’ve just checked my Profile. Every single theory I have written on this site is gone since I joined from the beginning. All save for a few words or sentences in some. The comments seem to be there, but the entire theories have been erased!

    I do have copies of all of my theories.

  3. Hi Dabs – thanks for letting me know.

    I’ve had a look at a few posts and some are showing the full theory and some aren’t. I’m not quite sure what’s going on there, I’m hoping it’s just a case of the database needing time to restore everything. I’ll take a look in the morning to see if it’s still the same.

    I do have a copy of the database that I replaced so if it comes to it I’ll copy the theories from that to here.

    Thanks again for letting me know – I’m sorry it’s happened to your theories.


    if this was any indication as to how i’m going to feel come April 2010, i am royally screwed. That was horrible. just horrible.


  5. I’m checking this from my phone right now. I’ve been jumping at the bit for this to come back. I’ve got a couple of theories that I’m putting the finishing touches on.

  6. Just thought I’d let you know I know what the problem is re: the lost theories (no pun intended).

    Only problem is I’ll have to put the site in maintenence mode while I update the database.

    Hopefully it won’t be for too long… I’m going to do it now while there doesn’t appear to be anyone online… I hope!

  7. glad we are finally back up and running ive been lost the last last few month i didnt no what to do without my daily lost theorie fix thanks for sorting it out i just hope a lot op people return with some good theories for us to sink our teeth into

  8. really there’s no place like home and this site is like home to me though I am one of the last to join in…i’ve missed it so badly…didn’t know what to do…was litterally lost, checking out almost every day if it was back…and now it is!!!

  9. Hey I’ve been away for a while. Noticed the site had gone down a couple of weeks ago. Good to see it’s all back in order again.

    Can someone fill me in on what happened?

  10. Hey Mac πŸ™‚

    Basically, the site got attacked by a hack that was attacking wordpress powerered sites (which this is). The hack created their own admin accounts and inserted spam links into old posts etc.

    I had to take the site down so I could restore it back to the way it was. I had a backup of the site from 29th July, so any posts that were posted after that aren’t on the site anymore. (I have saved word documents of all the ones that are missing so if you’re missing any please email me).

    Because my life has been so busy the past few months it took me a lot longer to get the site back up than I’d hoped.

    Hope that explains it πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks for that Emzi. I was thinking it might have been the ‘Z’ word. Must have been a right hassle getting everything going again – nice work!

    I tend to stay away in the off-season, but you can expect me back in January. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job.

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