Smokey is Nemesis vs. Smokey not Nemesis

Since the end of season 5 two camps of thought about the relationship between Nemesis and the Smoke Monster. There are those that think that Smokey and Nemesis are one and the same; and then there are those, like myself, who think that they are two seperate entities.

There are two scenes that the Smokey = Nemesis camp point to to support this theory. The first scene is when Ben goes into his house to summon Smokey. Flocke leaves the area and then comes back after awhile when Smokey doesn’t show. The second scene is when Ben and Flocke go to Smokey’s lair so that Ben can be judged. Ben falls through the floor and Flocke goes off to find some rope or vines to help him climb out. Ben then has his encounter with Smokey. Proponents of the Smokey = Nemesis camp point out that we don’t see Flocke and Smokey in the same area together and therefore they are the same entity. Supporters of this idea then go on to say that Nemesis/Smokey manipulated Ben through the use of Alex’s visage to get Ben to do whatever Flocke tells him to and that the surprise that Flocke shows when Ben tells him what happened is merely a case of very good acting on the part of Flocke.

I don’t believe that this proves that Smokey and Nemesis are the same. Before I give my explaination I would like to thank I_Am_Jacob because it was a comment of his on my recent security system post that got me thinking about this. Now we know that Smokey has the ability to scan a person’s mind and see their true selves, their true intentions, and every other thing they keep to themselves. The reason Flocke would not want to be near Smokey is that Smokey would realize that he was simply Nemesis in Locke clothing and the jig would be up. Now we know that Ben doesn’t realize that he has been conversing with a fake Locke and that Ben is really scared and creeped out about the fact that a man he killed is alive and well and running around the Island. Both Ben and Richard stated that in all the time they’ve seen the Island do a lot of miraculous things but never before has there been a time when it has ressurected anyone (as a side note this would mean that Richard nor the Others are dead also as has been theorized on recent post, sorry). Smokey knows that Ben is planning to kill Locke (because Ben is creeped out big time about the ‘ressurection’) but Ben doesn’t know its a fake Locke, and neither does Smokey, smokey just knows that Ben is planning on killing Locke so Smokey threatens Ben to prevent it. If Flocke gets too close to Smokey, the Monster would realize that it isn’t really Locke and that Nemesis was no longer captive.

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