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Just want to say thanks to everyone on this site. In the absence of here I spent some time (what else to do while little one is sleeping 😉 ) looking at other theory sites and I couldn’t get over the amount of times I yelled at the computer OMG!!! that’s so mean, that’s nasty, why are you being so awful! In my time here I don’t think I’ve come across people being rude for the sake of it. Yes discussions can get heated, but not personally attacking. So thanks guys for making a community that is challenging, stimulating, enjoyable and supportive, it’s great to have it back.
To emzi, thanks for spending so much time to get the site back up and running and not putting it in the too hard basket. (Gosh I just relalised my teacherness is coming through. Help!)

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2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Nice to see you back Tas. The site and atmosphere emzi has created here for us is the best on the internet! She is a wonderful hostess.

    However, some of the behaviours you mentioned did exist on this site before it went down. Hopefully, we have seen the last of it…..

  2. Thanks for the kind words you two 🙂 It really makes the running of this site more rewarding knowing that people appreciate it and enjoy it 🙂 It really means alot.

    Dabs is right though, we did have some of that behaviour here but I try to keep on it and moderate as best I can.

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