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Hey Everyone – and Welcome Back! It’s nice to see so many of you haven’t forgotten about the site in its little “hiatus”.

Anyway, I thought I’d ask for your thoughts about something I’m thinking of adding to the site.

At the moment we have 3 categories, “Theories”, “Questions”, & “Fun”. While I don’t want to take away what the site is all about, Lost Theories, I was thinking of adding a couple more categories to cater for some posts that don’t quite fit in with the categories we already have.

I was thinking of adding a “General Discussion” category or perhaps a “Season Discussion” category. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the site needs these extra categories? Can you think of any others the site might need?

Also, if you can think of anything that will make the site better then please let me know. I hope to have a few changes in place before Season 6 begins.

Thanks for your input x

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17 thoughts on “Your thoughts please

  1. Hi emzi, Good ideas!

    I think you might be able to add a General Discussion category that could also encompass the Fun Section too, or in addition. It’s pretty much that way now in many respects.

    I think everyone has a pet peeve about people multi-posting things in the Fun section, and the Theories section at the same time. I would be happy if you eliminated this aspect.


  2. Thanks for your input Dabs ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have been meaning to change the way it works so that you can only pick one category so this will definately be on my “to-do” list when I make a few changes to the site.

  3. Hi evryone seems like ages since the site was last working ๐Ÿ™

    Anyway i luv the idea of the season discussion. Sometimes people post things in the questions section that relate to season 1 & season 2. So i think it is agreat idea as new watchers of lost can still discuss (for us veterans) topics and idea’s that some of us have discussed before without getting lost in the current theories/questions.
    If they stumble across a theory or question relating to season 4 when the island moves for example they might not want to find that out until they have worked through the previous series.

    Or another idea could be when people write a theory/question they could post it in a season 1 category or a season 2 category, so by the the end of it we should have 6 season categories instead of of all seasons in 1.

    Did i state the obvious there, if so its been a long hard day at work and driving through London ๐Ÿ™

  4. Hiya bigdave,

    That thought had crossed my mind about having six separate categories for each season, so I’m glad you brought it up ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think if I did that I wouldn’t make them so prominant on the homepage like the other categories.

    Thanks for your input ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Not sure about season discussion. One thought I had was about a place where you could just chat to the friends you’ve made through this site. I missed my friends when the site was down. Maybe it’s a stupid idea(mine not yours).

  6. I like what daddyx just suggested but what I was wondering if it was possible would you be able to put the date posted of a theory next to the title of the theory on the main page I don’t no if anyone else would like this but it would help me keep track of new theorys that have been posted

  7. I think these are great ideas Emzi! I like the idea of a general discussion section. Perhaps you can add a choice in the write a theory section to choose what season the new post is related to.

  8. Well hello to you, Miss Emzi/Admin.

    Great Job getting the site back, lol, and the first thing you think about is improvements, what a wonderful hostess.
    Thank you for making “our” island reappear.

    On to your post and ideas. I love the site the way it is, but “change” is a necessity in the Lost Internet world, and it never hurts.

    I love a discussion page. One thing I would REALLY love more than anything is to be able to have a true discussion on a subject without destroying anyones theory at the same time… so I was thinking.

    As a discussion or additional page, why not make it, or add, a “DEBATE” category.

    This would not be used to debate things such as what is the statue, or where is the island, because such topics have such a broad field that it leaves an almost infinite number of possibilities.

    This page would be dedicated to such things as “Free Will”-vs-“Fate”, Who is bad/good… MIB or Jacob, “Change” or “No Change”.

    Topics that have been narrowed down to two, three at the most possibilities, and can be dissussed by those of us willing to show our true beliefs.

    Newcomers or people who are not sure can observe debatable subjects such as these, find where “we” stand, and make a decision based on logic presented, that at the same time dont crush someone elses theory by disagreeing repeatedly.

    Now, I dont want to take away chat on theories. They are necessary for not only creating new ideas, giving credit, but being the backbone for the “DEBATE” category.

    People post great theories that deserve to be recognized not only there, but on the debate section for reference.

    This along with letting newcomers know what was and was not already theorized (maybe you could help with that on your end when they apply, by simply advising them to read that particular section BEFORE posting), which would give the ORIGINAL theorist who presented the idea the credit for the length of the site…AND (I know, I know) would be eliminating (my personal pet
    peeve)…multiple identical theories…


    AES’s VERSUS…great name for category btw, lol, j/k…although I do like “VERSUS”

    You can change the past on Lost -VS- The past cannot be changed.

    “Can” References: “Cannot References:

    “Many of my theories” “OpposingTheory”
    (add more to either side as a respected theory represents it…possibly with link)

    Then on to debate…

    You can change because of Desmonds flashback in bar… refer to theory “example” by “so and so above”

    Antichanger SAYS:
    It was a dream not real.
    “refer to…etc…

    …and so on…

    Point is, we dont have to debate repeated things through repeated theories, something I believe was a large turnoff to those of us veterans before the crash of ’09.
    …I dont mean to speak for anyone, but I know at least a few who became frustrated.

    Honestly, my biggest problem and why I tuned out a little at the end wasnt because of nothing new…that I can deal with.
    But the same info, in the same day/week/month…even year can be disheartening to an original theorist.

    Countless times Ive seen a theory posted by someone, and either ignored only to get NO credit when reposted by someone else…or the same subjects get debated with the same info…OVER and OVER and OVER again.

    This would not only help us give credit where due here, but maybe actually stop going over the same points long enough to not only develope new points…but compare data, analyze and determine fact or presumption, debate as reasonable and rational adults, and dare I say…actually solve something on the show.

    I dont doubt that there will be some bickering as usual…hell, its what makes this so much fun.
    Sides will be chosen, and commitments will be made.

    Through this comparison and debate, which will inevitably lead to many quaralls, maybe people will be able to see the perspective of another and not only realize that they themselves are wrong, but help to fit more pieces together as they should be.

    Please let me know what you think Emzi (and all), I respect your decision/feelings either way. As always you are the best regardless…and have created the best place, for the best theorists to discuss/debate the best show on television.

    Emzi, phenomenal site, great job getting it back up, and as always, thank you.

  9. Well, Perfect example….

    Achalli has a theory on the main page regarding/titled “Smokey is Nemesis VS Smokey is NOT nemesis”…

    He admits to reposting theories to go after a particular theory of his own in the future.

    But his points would be great for a “DEBATE” page.

    That way, when JoeSchmoe signs up tomorrow, and this is off the main page, he could be advised at the gate to read this section first, see that the theory and most importantly the points were already posted, add his own input (all the while getting the crdit for it where it will be for the life of the site for easy finding, and choose a side.

  10. perhaps a separate section for theories with spoilers/possible spoilers so that those of those not wishing to come near those posts wont have to chance upon it by accident

  11. I think that a general discussion thread is a great idea! I personally don’t have a lot of friends who watch LOST, so its nice to have somewhere to go to just discuss episodes and thoughts, without having to dream up an entire “theory”.

  12. Love this site. Fantastic ideas are harvested here. Anyways, General discussion would be okay but i think that ground is covered with what is going on. I personally dont think a season discussion will work. If something is stated about season 3, very easily something about season 1 or 5 will be brought in to either counter or encourage the thought process.
    I love the debate idea from A.E.S and would also love a live chat. cause come 9 o’clock on January 20th that will be hot.

  13. Hey everyone – thanks for all the suggestions! They’re all great and I’m sure will make a great addition to the site.

    daddyx – Your idea is really good. I’m sure there are some plugins for this which I can use so I’ll take a look into it once I start making the changes.

    Samson – that is a good idea also and I will put this into place once I start making changes.

    Achalli – your idea is great but I’m not sure how simple it would be for me to implement this using wordpress. It’s definately something I’ll look into though.

    A.E.S – yours is a fantastic idea but part of me feels like if there was a debate category, people may feel they can’t debate on someones theory (if that makes any sense). I’m willing to give it a try though ๐Ÿ™‚

    Eko – a good idea also, but I think that if I had a category for spoilers it will encourage spoilers and I want to try and keep the site for theories. I know it’s a pain when someone posts a spoiler, but I try to keep on top of it. Thanks for the suggestion though ๐Ÿ™‚

    lost freak – thanks for your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ I see you like the debate idea from A.E.S so I think I will give this a try. The season discussion was mainly for anyone who’s seen an episode from say, Season 2, and they wanted to discuss it with what we know now. I can see how it may be too much though.

    Thanks again for your thoughts and ideas everyone – you’re the best xx

  14. Just an add on. What about an off topic category, I know this sight is Lostamania, however i’ve seen a few conversations that could have been, but dwindled. examples BSG, flash forward, the new prisoner series ect…. lump sum it up. I honestly dont want to take anything thing away from my favorite show however that being said id love to hear some takes of follow Losties from this site. I love coming here and it boggles my mind how many intelligent (don’t get me wrong , not all) ideas continuously sprout here. Besides eventually Lost will be gone and unless they end on a “let the audience decide” (which they just may) this site will slowly lose it’s momentum. (Unless we put are heads together and create a time loop in which we can relive it all again..LOL) I’d love a reason to try and keep this going and hope others will stay for the ride.

  15. i would just like to say thanks for adding the date of a post onto a theory it really helps me keep track of what has been posted when i havnt logged on for a few days so again yhanks alot emzi

  16. hi Emzi, sorry I’m nearly a month late with an idea but sometimes it takes a while to think of something!!!

    I personally think it would be helpful if in your profile section it showed you which theories and questions etc. that you’d commented on. As there is a lot of activity on this site you can ended up commenting on 2-4 different posts at a time and i don’t know about anyone else but i sometimes forget what i’ve commented on when i return to the site. It’d be nice to go back to a thread to check if anybody has replied to a comment that you’d made.

    Tracking the activity on your own theories is easy because they are all listed in you profile but i’d like to keep track of activity on other theories that i’ve commented on.


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