The Adam and Eve Nobody Has Thought About Yet

We have been seeing tons of theories that Adam and Eve are either Rose and Bernard, Jack and Kate, Desmond and Penny, or another male or female that we have met throughout the first 5 seasons of the show. This being said, what if we have not met the characters who have become Adam and Eve yet? What if in season 6 we met a male and a female character, perhaps temple others or survivors of the black rock, and we find out that they possess a white and a black stone? I think we will meet the characters who are to become Adam and Eve in season 6, and we will see the path that leads them to be the two that die in the cave.

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I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am currently a junior at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. I love to read the lost theories and come up with ideas on what I think the show could be about.

9 thoughts on “The Adam and Eve Nobody Has Thought About Yet

  1. Waldo033, finally we get a theory about Adam & Eve which makes some sense.

    The theory of who Adam & Eve are, is something which has been speculated upon since early on. We have received no hints from the show as to who these two might be. I think it is very plausible that they could be two individuals we have yet to meet.

    The writers have purposely not addressed the subject, so all of us should remain open until more information is available.

    Clear and concise!

  2. I like that you are trying to put a different spin on adam and eve but i do hope it is 2 of the characters that we have come to know and love because then it would have the wow facter when we find out who they are it would also prove that the writers knew what they were doing right from the start plus the time frame from them dieing to being found in the caves is perfect for it to be 2 of the characters that are stuck in the past so i am still a firm belever that it is either jack and kate which would be wow seems as thought they found them or either bernard and rose which would be a fitting end to their story knowing that they died together on the island

  3. thank you guys for all of your comments so far, they have all been very insightful! One thing I would like to add to my theory that I think is interesting is the fact that I remember when the “who is jacob” theories used to float around the web. Many people thought it was John Locke, or Jack, or another one of the survivors or people we have already met on the show. Then the writers suprised us in the 5th season finale by showing us a man we have never met before, and now we know as Jacob. It still had a shock factor, and I feel that the writers can do the same thing with Adam and Eve.

  4. I’m not convinced.
    From the point of view of a writer, it would more emotionally effective to make Adam and Eve characters we already know.
    Also, its probable that they are characters from the first/second season, as this would bring the drama full circle in a cunning little way.
    Also, we love time paradoxes here on Lost, so its likely that Adam and Eve are running about on the scene at the time of the discovery of their corpses.
    I fully believe its Rose and Bernard. The white and black pebbles are a symbol of the coalition of both sides – black and white, completely juxtaposing the rivalry of Jacob’s and MIB’s “sides”.
    A physical manifestation of their skin colour, and their marriage unites them. In history, it has always been whites v blacks, but here we see a image of unity and peace.
    Imagine it was Jack and Kate though. How awesome would that be? Finding their own bodies and being none the wiser! Imagine the final scene of lost being a badly injured Jack and Kate embracing in the caves, awaiting death!

  5. I totally hate the idea of Adam and Eve being characters we already know! I just cannot wrap my mind around Jack and Kate, or Rose and Bernard finding their own decomposed bodies! It just confuses the story to no good end, and could end the story with a loop, which is not only very unsatisfying, but wouldn’t appeal to the mass of viewers who, unlike us on this site, only watch the show for entertainment value. It’s just such a copout, like having the entire 6 seasons be a dream, or a schizophrenic hallucination of Hurley.
    I think that season 6 will bring everyone back to the present (2007) and move forward to its ultimate conclusion. The themes of good/evil, redemption, and free will/fate will predominate, time travel will cease, and the story will resolve. Perhaps the resolution will be a bit ambiguous, like all good stories are, but it will end with SOME sort of message from the writers.
    And if it doesn’t then I’ll be really ticked off!

  6. I’m convinced that Adam and Eve are actually Sun and Jin 😉 If you rewatch and pay special attention to the very next scene after finding the skeletons it begins to make sense…

    Add that information into the current situation whereby Sun and Jin are seperated and trying to find each other (what better way to finally answer that question than by having done so within seconds of it being asked?!), and the eastern connotations of Sun and Djinn = dark and light = ying and yang = complete and inseperable….

    I’m sure we will see our favourite Koreans coming into possession of the fabled stones before this story is done 😉

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