something odd in the pilot episode

I was watching the Pilot episode and I found something really strange. It happens after Jack wakes up in the jungle and runs to the beach. He stands still and pauses. The camera does a 360 around Jack and nothing seems amiss, it looks like a guy standing on a beach. Then cut to the 5 foot high and wide bush..still nothing then Jack walks over and past the bush and it looks and sounds like a scene from Dante’s inferno. People are running around on fire plae parts are flying all over the place and there are explosions everywhere….it just seems weird that all that hell can be covered up by a beach side shrubery…watch it and see what I mean.

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3 thoughts on “something odd in the pilot episode

  1. Your question (tied to the tat) makes me wonder – is Jack a Flock-zombie? His dad and sister are. Why not him, too? (Isn’t coming out of the jungle how Flocke appeared after the 2nd crash?)

    BTW: Your icon is bittersweet. I love that album, but George was quite the prophet as now he is one of ‘All things (that) must pass away” and “life goes on … without” him.

  2. I’ve always thought that shot was odd also, but I don’t take it to really mean anything other than a different way to present part of a story. Although Waycuriouse does have a good point IMO.

  3. I have a couple of thoughts in regards to this scene…

    1. Here’s my cinematic view… He just fell out of the sky unscathed!! The writer’s/director may have wanted to give (us – the audience) the effect of that shock that he was feeling at that moment – he must have felt like he was in some kind of a dream state… and then, “splat” the reality of the situation sets in… sort of like when you laugh really hard and blackout for a split second or 2, or get up really quick and you get a head rush, or you are given laughing gas… everything around you seems to stop or go silent for that moment…

    2. I’m still not convinced that we are seeing zombie’s running around at every corner of the Island. Or that some smoke Monster is controlling the bodies, or MIB/Jacob are infiltrating the bodies…

    I keep wanting to go back to the Slaughterhouse 5 novel, were the main character is “unstuck in time” (or at least in his head he is) sort of like Desmond…

    On the Island, dead people are living because they are not married to any specific timeline – meaning everything is happening at once to them – they are dead but they are also alive – they see and have lived every instant of their lives. They cannot choose to change anything about their fates, but can choose to concentrate upon any moment in their lives.

    Maybe the Island is some kind of porthole or anomoly, that allows people to live within this 4th dimensional universe (as the Tralfamadorians in the novel are capable of doing). Once you have entered this porthole you are forever encaptured in this reality.

    Is it possible that all the dead people that we see appear at different times during the show are really alive as well. Isn’t that what Charlie said to Hugo at the psyche ward… something like, “I’m dead but I’m also alive”. What if the key to this is if you die and somehow your body winds up on the Island (Christian, Yemmi) and/or you die on the Island (Libby, Ana, Eco, Dharma folk…), and because of the Island unique qualities (call the qualities what you will, I’ll leave the science to some one else)… you are then capable of living out the rest of your life in that 4th dimensional world. A world where you are capable of appearing on and off the Island in this never ending state of timelessness. Not exactly like a spirit or soul because you still exist in your own body. The one down fall of this state of living is that you can not physically effect anyones decisions or paths, but you could by power of suggestion and become some sort of guide to people (aka. Christian/Locke/Ana/Yemmi..) – maybe this is where all the rules come into play as to what you can or can not do…

    Couple of other thoughts I’ll add to here that may or may not play into this idea…

    Keamy was shot at point blank range by Richard, and yet did not die. Could Richard have this ability that I have suggested, and therefore can not physically effect anyone?

    Christian couldn’t help Locke up to the donkey wheel… we know he died and his body wound up on the Island.

    Locke died too, and his body wound up on the Island, yet there’s another Locke on the Island. Is this just Locke himself in a different state of this reality? Is this why he needs Ben to carry out his dirty work…

    Could this be the reason why the Hostiles need the bodies of the dead because they have something to do with this anamoly – People could not rap their heads around the fact that 2 Locke’s are existing at one time.

    Okay – let me rewind a bit and think this out some more… sorry, I didn’t gather my thoughts prior but it just came to me while writing this… For now I’ll leave these thoughts with whom ever may be inclined to take it further or discredit these ideas.


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