Another Jin Theory.


Just reading that post by Sinster reminded of something to do with Jin, not sure if its been mentioned before but here goes.

Have we not seen a set of two timelines already in Lost, not sure whta season it was in, but off the island when Jin is racing to a get a teddy bear to what we presume is Sun and it actually turns out that in Sun’s world Jin is dead.

Its more a discussion point about whether this was two seperate timelines or not.

Sorry this is vague, very tired.

Any thoughts though please.

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5 thoughts on “Another Jin Theory.

  1. I thought it was juxtaposing something that had already happened in Jin and Sun’s past (the panda) and Ji Yeon’s birth as a way of keeping us in suspense over Jin’s fate. Same timeline, different points along it.

  2. yeah, i believe the episode lead you to believe it was at the same time, but then when you find out jin is “dead” it is revealed to be a flashback to when he worked for sun’s daddy

  3. The Panda was to kiss up to someone and supposedly from Sun’s dad. When he leaves someone, thinking Jin just had a baby, made a ‘congrats’ or something comment and Jin says he was only married 3 months or so (if I remember right). Thought it was a cool way to trick us into thinking Jin was alive before they showed us his grave (only to find out he’s alive).

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