More proof of an alternate timeline?

Not sure if anyone else talked about this… I tried to look it up but didn’t find anything so sorry if I step on any toes.

In the episode Namaste when Frank was trying to land the plane on Hydra Island the co-pilot tries to make a mayday call but you can hear the loop of the numbers for a split second before they crash.

The last we saw the losties and Danielle took out her recording so nothing should be playing let alone the loop of the numbers.

Anyone else notice this?
Did I miss something?

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9 thoughts on “More proof of an alternate timeline?

  1. i don’t think its an alternate timeline. she took out her recording. perhaps the default recording is the numbers. or there is actually some use for it being broadcast. or when first entering the island’s bubble, the fringe area has a time anomaly which caused past radio waves to be heard. i really dont think there is an alterate timeline, but thats just me.

  2. I think I might have said this wrong. I’m not sure if it means the same thing to say this but by alternate timeline I mean proof that something changed… not that there is more than one timeline happening… does that make any sense?

  3. it does. and i am also on the side that doesn’t think anything changed in the past… but its definitely possible.

    do you remember when sayid and hurley get the radio working and the convo they had? sayid said that the music coming in sounded really old, and those type of radio waves could bounce off the atmosphere from anywhere.

    maybe it can bounce within the islands own bubble as well. and where did that music come from? thanks for sparking that memory.

    (oh and is your username a reference to arrested development by any chance? if so kudos)

  4. holtmania, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities that alternate time-lines would be a plausible vehicle for the writers of a sc-fi program to use to explain Lost.

    I did notice that the numbers briefly played in that particular episode. I think the numbers are as much a part of ‘the island’, as ‘the island’ is part of the numbers.

    At least, that is how I explained it to myself.

  5. I had the exact same thought. There is no reason to play them, have them in that episode unless for a specific reason. They can’t be the default setting as the radio signal had to be shut down so that they could contac the freighter. Also in that episode dharmaville is very different, there are dharma signs up which weren’t there when theorhers lived there and they were very specifically shown. I was a big alt timeline or change skeptic, but thisstuff has really made me think, what happened with the incident so that Danielle didn’t turn off the numbers and put in her own recording, why is dharmaville boarded up like they decided to leave, why didnt the others move into dharmaville? Have some possible answers zooming around in my head but not quiteclear yet. Think your are very much on to something.

  6. Tas: personally I think Dharmaville was the same, except it had been abandoned for 2+ years after the Freighter’s attack. Ben’s Hydra Office and house still had his stuff in them, and I think I even saw Hurley and Sawyer’s abandoned Risk game in the background. I think they even found the Losties’ old beach camp, which definitely tells me Flt 815 had still crashed.

    And yet, I too can’t shake the eerie feeling that something is “off” or “different” about The Island after Ajira 316 lands there. Just sort of a cumulative vibe. If nothing else, un-Locke and Christian Shepherd are roaming around freely interacting with living people, which is sortof unsettling!

  7. There are heaps of questions and what seems to be almost 2 separate timelines with physical artifacts left on the island. My original thoughts on Dharmaville were the same as yours, it had been abandoned. BUT I just rewatched that episode the other day and they spent a lot of time in 1977 showing us all the signs eg, inoculations… that were specifically shown in 2007 DV. Those signs and the Dharma logo on the door were definately NOT around when the others were living there. Also, when we left DV in 2004, the losties all just ran away from being attacked by the freighter guys, yet in 2007 the windows are boarded up – it doesn’t match up with what we’ve seen. But things like Ben’s office and the old beach camp don’t fit. I cannot wait to see how they pull all of this together.

  8. Simply. Time functions according to personal internal timeclocks.

    From the moment Ben turns the Donkey Wheel Jin is thrown back to 1974. He stays there three years until the incident with Juliet in 1977. Sun goes on without him for three years from 2004 to 2007. What we see in season 5 is their parallel stories. They belong to the same time frame and until their stories synch into the same time frame, they are linked.

    Same applies to all the other time travelling Losties. When they crash in 2007 on flight 316 we hear the numbers because 1977 changed everything. No crash of 815, no turning them off in 2004.

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