bang bang …who done it?

Okay here we go the infamous paddle boat scene …. the players we know..Sawyer, Juliette, John, Miles, Faraday, (forgive me if i missed one) … so they are obviously in one of the boats from the future ( ala Ajira airlines water bottle in the boat… one in the same as are O6 took to get back)….so who shot at them??? who was either feared enough to just attack or were they out to get them? I know the popular consensus is that Juliette shot her self ( and in Loastlore that does sound really cool) however for her to be attacking her self she must have already lived that time line therefore she would know it was her on the boat and not to shoot…..BUT perhaps she was taken under her own free will to be on the “other boat” whilst others attacked it??? ( I love this it makes my brain hurt) … let the debate begin……….(correct me if im wrong) but i do believe we really dont know how far in the future they are……that being said ……….blaH!! debate!!….i have more but the soap box is yours….I’ll add as we go……YIP YIP!! p.s thanks for adding a debate column .

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6 thoughts on “bang bang …who done it?

  1. Hi lost freak, I am inclined to believe that it was them shooting at themselves. That was something which was never followed through on in the show unfortunately and I want to know!

  2. Great debate topic!

    In the only version of 2007 that we have seen – Charlotte and John Locke are dead.

    That leaves Sawyer, Miles, and Juliet.

    If you want to assume that Juliet is also dead – then that leaves Sawyer and Miles.

    If it is Sawyer and Miles (+ others) in the other boat – wouldn’t at least Sawyer and Miles flash in time? Meaning – two versions of Miles and Sawyer in two boats both flashing? Even if the copies of Sawyer and Miles didn’t flash – why would they get in the boat knowing that Juliet is going to shoot somebody?

    John is trying to lead them to the Orchid. I suppose the 2nd boat might be trying to prevent this from happening – but whoever is trying to prevent it must not have any knowledge of the fact that John and crew will eventually make it to the Orchid.

    I (maybe) think that the 2nd boat is housed with people who don’t flash and who don’t know that somebody in their boat is going to get shot.

  3. Hmmm…for the fun of irony, what if it was actually Sawyer with whoever, and he knew that what they did was wrong.
    He realizes the mistake with “Flocke” or the bomb, and tries to stop them from doing so…and is shot by Juliete…

    Ok, I do not think that will happen, but its fun.

    What I do think, is that the scene occured in the current time of 2007 on the show, and it is Ilana and Brahm, and whoever else trying to stop Locke from doing what he did to prevent MIB from ever having the opportunity to kill Jacob.

  4. Consider that Juliette may have gotten her name for a reason (Romeo and Juliette) and it would then make bittersweet sense that she shoots and kills Sawyer.

    If she is indeed shooting at people from another timeline, then she could shoot herself. Course correction is a bitch.

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