Six Feet Under – Perfect Circles

I saw the whole series “Six Feet Under” and one episode stuck with me. Season two ends with the main character, Nate having brain surgery. As he goes under the anesthesia he starts dreaming. The next season opens with an episode called “Perfect Circles”. A must see for “Lost” fans, I think.

Nate has died on the operating table. He meets his dead father and goes through a series of visions of alternate realities he is told he must choose from. There are several sly references to cats in various realities. In the end Nate must make a choice to live or die and which life to live, then he opens his own casket – then the series writers did something very brave, They did a complete re-boot. It is six months or a year later and the lives of each character has changed from the previous season. Nate’s choice has touched the lives of all those he loved and loved him.

I place this under general discussion to see if anyone sees a relationship between what those writers did and the writers of Lost are planning for this season.

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  1. Hello Andre7, as a self proclaimed sci-fi lover, the time travel aspect of lost has, i think, been incredibly good. Right up to the last second in season 5, the storylines have gripped me.

    However, and i know its all theory, it seems that there is a possibility of the bomb (if it did in fact detonate) reseting time and we will end up at some point in the past or the future depending on how events play out and correct themselves.

    Personally, id be a bit dissapointed if the series does sort of reboot and we end up rewatching events but ever so slightly different. The Groundhog Day style of storyline works over say a two hour tv. episode or film (eg. Groundhog Day, Star Trek and the X-Files). However, after hundreds of hours of storyline, trying to cram 5 series worth of changes into 1 series will be a big mistake and i don’t think the producers will do it.

    I want to see what happens after 2007 because i don’t think the storyline is just about stopping 815 crash, it’s about how Jacob and his Nemesis plan to save or destroy humankind.

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