This might be the answer!!

We very well know that Lost blends perfectly paranormal with science. It does not cross the line of the unexplained paranormal, that makes makes most of movies/shows fail and so I don’t believe in the scenario God/Devil or Jacob/Esau.

So how can their presence be explained through science theories or proofs? Here is my take: fourth dimension! Time is treated like a fourth dimension(for example three dimensions to specify the place and the time as a fourth dimension), so if we take that Locke was on the island in 1st of March 2007 in X,Y,Z points and Jacob could see that(anytime, anywhere) then he would be a four dimensional being. For us he would be God, because he could see anything in our world anytime. For some reason probably Jacob is such a being.

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2 thoughts on “This might be the answer!!

  1. Thank you ScrollLocke. Those videos are awesome indeed…they explain a lot of things. If take Lost this way then it will be officially the best show ever and if the end scene is Jack closing his eyes or whatever I will still find it very intriguing and exciting.
    We are going to get lost literally.

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