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Going through my re-watch I can’t help but be completely confused by what I am seeing in The Cabin. Not like I knew what was going on the first time around but you would think I would have more answers now then questions!

The first time we ever see The Cabin, Ben tells Locke that “they are going to see Jacob.”
Ben says this infront of Richard who looks concerned but does nothing to stop him, probably because he knew Ben does not know where to find Jacob.

**sidenote** – The Cabin still seems to be a dangerous place that Ben (who really doesnt know shit about Jacob) shouldn’t be meddling with. How do you think Ben found out about The Cabin in the first place? There is also a scene later in season3 where Richard is trying to convince Ben not to do something and Ben says that “Jacob wants it this way.” I just don’t get why Richard allows Ben to lie in the name of Jacob.

Regardless of my sidenote, SOMETHING HAPPENED IN THAT CABIN! Ben was putting on a show but when “help me” was said and things started flying around the room, we actually saw a glimpse of someone!

shown here –

The second time we see The Cabin is when Hurley happens to stumble upon it. He goes up and looks in the window and see’s a lifeless Christian Shephard sitting the rocking chair (not mysterious figure we saw the first time). Very quickly a face pops up in the window and scares the shit out of Hurley. I believe that face was John Locke’s.

shown here (scroll down) –

When Hurley was scared he ran away very fast and fell, no way he noticed the ring of ash surrounding The Cabin. Hurley runs the other way and The Cabin reappears in the direction he is running. I believe that Hurley broke the ash ring at this moment. When Locke goes back with Ben and Hurley, The Cabin is gone but the ash circle remains!

Ilana has ties to Jacob, she went looking for The Cabin but when she found it she said “someone else has been using it.” In my opinion this is evidence that maybe Jacob has used The Cabin, but everything we have seen in The Cabin has not been the work of Jacob!

This is where my questions come into play –

1st Cabin. How does Ben know about this place and who is the mysterious figure we see asking Locke for help? It sort of looks like John’s face but the person has a full head of hair.

2nd Cabin. Why is Christian sitting in the rocking chair like a puppet while, who I think to be John Locke is in The Cabin doing god knows what. Two people were in the Cabin at this point.

3rd Cabin. We see Christian speaking now, on Jacob’s behalf no less, and Claire is with him!

4th Cabin. The ash ring is broken and evidence has been left behind for Ilana that Jacob is at the statue and someone else has been using The Cabin.

The Cabin is burned! Thoughts?

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14 thoughts on “The Cabin

  1. Someone else has been using it. It must have a special power. Maybe it is a portal between the two time lines created by time travel. If so, interesting that she wants it burned. Interesting because that cabin may be a metaphor for the island. The island created a time disturbance which threatens the entire universe, certainly the world. Maybe the end of Lost is the destruction of the island, thereby saving the world.

  2. It has been confirmed that “Christian” is Smokey, hasn’t it?

    So a simple guess seems to be that it was Smokey who said “help me” to Locke. It is interesting that Ben didn’t seem to hear it. But wasn’t Ben somehow grabbing the violent (invisible?) entity inside the cabin at some point, telling it that it was “enough!”? I don’t know what to believe, but if Ben actually saw someone and Locke heard someone, then it seems that Smokey might have been messing with their perception of the world, a bit like Tas was proposing in a theory thread.

  3. “It has been confirmed that “Christian” is Smokey, hasn’t it?”

    When was this confirmed? I don’t recall any confirmation of anyone being “smokie”?

    (of with the acception of Jackie Gleeson… “I’ll get that damn Bandit!” …wink, wink)

  4. it has definitely NOT been confirmed that Christian is smokey.

    Christian happens to be the one thing/person on LOST that I can’t begin to wrap my head around. Since season1 we have seen him visit Jack and then appearing/speaking to Locke, Claire, Sun, Michael, Lapidus.

    We know nothing about Christian’s purpose or motive on the island so I can’t even come up with a theory, its sad!

  5. Josh I wrote a quite indepth theory on the cabin before the site went down and it got quite a bit interest so instead of me rewriting what I think about it down here if you want to check it out and if you have any questions leave them on your theory here maybe we can get to the bottom of the cabin because it really does mess with my head and all

  6. Samson – your theory is great, much more organized and indepth then mine! A few things we agree on for sure and a few questions I have for you.

    We agree that Hurley definitely broke the ring and that Christian Shephard was in The Cabin with another person when Hurley looked inside.

    I like your point about Horace, it does not make much sense for him to have built The Cabin, he may have found and fixed it up!

    The Cabin seems so old and Horace was around in the early 70’s, what could he possibly have to do with Jacob and MIB? Horace dies in the purge so we know he has nothing to do with the others.

    The only thing I can’t seem to agree with you on is that second person in The Cabin, and I am not talking about Claire!

    look at the photos I have posted in my theory, THAT GLIMPSE – who does that look like?

    and when Hurley looks inside and see’s Christian in the rocking chair, I would bet one of my kidneys that is John Locke’s face looking out!

  7. I must admit the pic looks like Locke that would be a good twist if Locke was asking himself for help maybe when lockes body was brought back to the island he was meant to be brought back to life but mib stopped his sprit from connecting with it and it traveled back in time with the other losties and got trapped in the cabin

    I beleve Richard showed ben where the cabin was and told hi
    Jacob lived their to stop him asking to see him all the time

  8. Rewatching season3, it is amazing to me how Ben makes these calls regarding “What Jacob Wants” he says it directly to Richard when they argue like he actually knows.

    I don’t think Ben would just accept that – hey Jacob lives here, you can’t see him unless he wants to see you.

    Ben is smarter then that, he must have had an experience in the cabin that leads him to believe it is special.

    We still have Ben-centric & Richard=centric episodes to come, they better be about the past and not some alt timeline crap.

  9. “I don’t recall any confirmation of anyone being “smokie”?”

    My understanding is that e.g. the horse that Kate saw has been confirmed to be Smokey in a podcast. But I haven’t heard it myself. I don’t even know where to find those podcasts. And I thought I had some weak memory of someone stating that also Christian has been confirmed to be Smokey, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

  10. Ok, from Lostpedia:

    “In the May 21, 2008 Official Lost Podcast/May 21, 2008, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed that Yemi, the spider which bit and paralyzed Nikki, and some versions of Walt are manifestations of the Monster.”

    And from the Official Lost Podcast transcript/March 26, 2007:

    “Damon Lindelof: I think that Ben quite clearly says, “let me put this into terms that *you* can understand, John,” which in, in, in knowing that they have some sort of file on Locke, and they, they refer to having kn- kn- knowledge of the fact that he worked in a box company. Then maybe this is just, some sort of, uh, metpahor that Ben is using to explain, uh, whatever this box construct is on the island. Because I think it would be sort of silly to walk to the middle of the island and there was like, kind of a big large refrigerator box sitting there, and Kate’s horse comes tromping out, and Sayid’s little cat, and Jack’s Dad, and you know, I don’t know, that would kind of be the worst idea in the history of ideas.”

    This is pretty open for interpretation I guess – pretty far from a confirmation that Kate’s horse and Christian are Smokie.

  11. The spider that bit Nikki was Smokie? Was he sqished somewhere, or can smokie be one still alive? [SOME manifestations of Walt pose same question. Could HE Or a version of him) be Smokie, too? Would be more than one bargained for … maybe happened at the temple.]

    As for cabin. Thinks
    1) Was used to hold MIB and Ilana was to bring the 2 bodies together.
    2) Ricky told Ben it was Jacob’s digs.
    3) Ben IS told ‘by the island’ (like Locke) what to do and attributes to Jacob.
    4) MIB/Smokie somewhat same – Ben tossed around cabin using Smokie’s M.O. pattern of ‘sparkles’.

    1) By the time Locke sees cabin, Smokie’s been out, and I think Christian.
    2) Does Ben get some of his ‘to do’ list from Jacob/island and others from MIB OR can he not hear MIB.
    3) If MIB, did Ricky set him up (from the start)?
    4) Why didn’t the cabin burn down when Locke there since one started?
    5) Are there dead pairs in the cabin? Locke-Invisi, Locke-Christian, Christian-Clare?

  12. The Cabin definitely is a unique device in the story, and depending upon which timeline or reality thread is active it may or may not be there (burned down in one thread, circle broken in another, etc.). It seems like something that will come up again or be used for some purpose again – hard to believe the amount of mystery surrounding it will just come to a dead end.

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