Adam and Eve… yes again… sorry

I’m just gonna throw this out there… I’m gonna go on the record and cast my vote that Adam and Eve are Karen and Gerald DeGroot. I don’t have a clue how this theory would work but as the founders of Dharma they are two important people who just vanished. I dunno… could be cool. They are also my front runners for the whispers we are hearing.

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12 thoughts on “Adam and Eve… yes again… sorry

  1. I’d like to think Adam and Eve are characters we’re invested in already. Unless season 6 is all about Ann Arbor and the DeGroots and Hanso… I guess it would make sense that we’d finally meet those people since it’s the last chance to do so. But still – the writers have set up Adam and Eve to be a big reveal and if it’s not one of the following combination I’ll be surprised:

    Desmond and Penny
    Desmond and Juliet
    Jack and Kate
    Aaron and Ji Yeon
    Charlie Hume and Ji Yeon
    Ben and Annie

    I’m also guessing they might be the parents of Jacob and/or MIB if you’d like to borrow the bible for a minute.

  2. Didnt they put an anagram within the show that spelt out that it was Rose and Bernard, I recall Damon and Carlton mentioning in a podcast that they didn’t think people would get it so quickly. Why would they do that to then say oh that was a big fat lie. I think the bigger question is, how and when do Rose and Bernard get there? Why are they separate, were they put there after they died? Who by?

  3. They certainly knew everyone would get the anagram – it’s a distraction. They’ve never said, “Yep, Adam and Eve are Rose and Bernard, 100% correct, congrats.”

    They don’t want us to know! It’s so much more fun to guess.

  4. The anagram is as follows

    “Only fools are enslaved by time and space”

    this can be heard multiple times in the reversed version of the room 23 brainwashing film

    When solved it says very simply –

    “Bones of Nadlers may lay deep in lost cave”

    Rose & Bernard Nadler ladies & Gents

    go ahead and figure the anagram yourself!

  5. ScrollLocke, I really like the idea of Charlie Hume and Ji Yeon. It’d be badass to see children of the current Losties already somehow long dead on the island…

  6. “Bones of Nadlers MAY lay deep in lost cave” (keyword is MAY).

    I don’t want them to be Rose and Bernard – being that one is black and one is white – how f*ing tacky.

    I think the stones represent the original and the ALT timeline – Adam comes from one side, Eve from the other. A bit of a Romeo and Juliet story – doesn’t have to be romantic – just two worlds coming together to create peace/unify the timelines. Or maybe not. I just can’t think of what else they would be or what the “war” is.

    Because of Desmond’s specialness (and the potential for Juliet to have gained the same power) – I’m hoping it’s Desmond and Juliet who somehow team up and maybe even quietly save the day.

    It may very well be Ji Yeon and either Charlie Hume or Aaron – which would also be badass – but in order to tell that story they might need a few more seasons that they don’t have

    I’m thinking that TPTB want everyone to think that time travel and flashforwards and flashbacks aren’t a part of this season as a distraction so we don’t figure out the whole thing before it even starts. If those aspects are a part of season 6 – then I think it’s very likely those bones belong to Ji Yeon and either Aaron or Charlie Hume.

    I’d love to see an emotional scene where parents have to lay their kids to rest – or even the other way – that the bones are maybe Sun and Desmond and Ji Yeon and Charlie have to lay them to rest.

    But the most amazing option would be if Adam and Eve have to lay THEMSELVES to rest.

    I’m sure Miles will tell us all about it.

  7. I would put my money on it being Bernard and Rose.
    I think the black and white stones were put in there as a clue so when the show is done and dusted, people will go back to that scene and go ‘oh yeah, of course!’. I can’t see any other relevance for those stones and they haven’t appeared again and i doubt they will.
    Roses cancer dissappeared while on the island and she made it clear to bernard that she wanted to stay there, and i don’t think Bernard would leave her side. I can’t see them in there old age being great factors in the upcoming ‘war’.

    Also i think with the idea of a war between the dark side and the light side, the idea of a black and white couple is a powerful one, i guess (I’m mixed race though).

    Actually, Bernard and Rose being adam and eve is the only thing i’m almost 100% sure will happen on the show.

  8. If it is Rose and Bernard – they need somebody to put their bodies in the cave – and they need it to be somebody who has those stones and isn’t a part of the “truce” and/or doesn’t see the need to BURY bodies.

    Right now – we can assume that Jack still has them – but he would have had to bring them back to the island on 316 – if he even took them off the island to begin with. Fine – I’ll buy that. Also – Jack isn’t a part of the truce and has no reason to feel the need to bury. Also – the caves are quite meaningful to him. He found the water there via Christian and campaigned for people to relocate there from the beach.

    Obviously it’ll be Jack that completes a loop (like John’s compass) – and puts the stones in the pocket of Adam.

    Here’s my question – HOW?/WHY?

    Jack doesn’t even know Rose and Bernard are still living on the island. Only Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet do and they didn’t have time to share that information before the bomb scene happened.

    If Jack either died in 1977 from the bomb, or was flashed to 2007, or was mind flashed to 2004, or whatever – how did he end up giving those stones back to Adam?

    Any theories?

  9. the anagram could also say – may lost bones of nadlers lie deep in cave. Has a more certain voice. Also I don’t think that any of the losties would put the bodies of Rose and Bernard in the cave because they would know that in 2004 they will be disturbed, I don’t think they’d do that.
    One thought, if the bomb went off, the close losties die and Rose and Bernard die from some extra complication (radiation?) and are laid to rest respectfully by the others, they would appreciate Rose and Bernard’s lifestyle on the island and put the rocks with them as a headstone of sorts.

  10. Although i do feel pretty sure that the bones will be Bernard and Rose, i think its probably a poorly thought out idea that was only put in the show so the audience knows the idea of time travel/inconsistencies was intended from the very beginning.

    I can’t really imagine a scene where we see them laid to rest and Jack placing the stones with them, it would be a bit obvious. I reckon we might just see a brief scene where a character stumbles across their bodies in there, without making it clear who put them there.

    I do agree with Tas that its most likely the others who place them there.

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