Schrodinger’s Cat Potential with an LAX Reality and an 815 Reality


This theory is long but the ideas within are as concise as possible.  Doc Jenson’s recent Daemon discussion, the announcement of an eventual Richard backstory, and a recent interview with Terry O’Quinn got my mind rolling on an endgame theory for Season 6.  We’ll insert ourselves into the story via a Black Rock Richard flashback.

In Richard’s flashback, the episode begins on the Black Rock.  He will be performing his duties on the ship, whatever they may be.  Orders will be barked out as the ship prepares for arrival at their destination.  We’ll be introduced to two other crewmembers in speaking roles in addition to Richard, the crew will look out at the horizon, the camera will pan to the island, and the LOST title screen appears.  These two supplementary crewmembers will be the two men eventually assumed by MIB and Jacob (at this point chatting on the beach) for this particular Jacob island convoy.  Now Richard, non-daemon Jacob, and non-daemon human MIB could have any number of roles on the ship, and this is what makes the idea a lot of fun.  Maybe J & MIB were captain and first mate, or maybe deckhands.  Maybe Richard will be fair and noble Captain or 1st Mate Ricardus, and Jacob and MIB will either be deckhands or prisoners/slaves.  In a delicious twist, the latter two could eventually be the two people enslaved or imprisoned belowdeck.  So the bodies in chains we’ve seen hanging in the hold of the Black Rock throughout the first 5 seasons could belong to the original human counterparts of Jacob and MIB!  They were never buried…

Anyway to get back on track, after the title screen, the boat would somehow be deposited in the jungle, via a ridiculous cyclone that the producers wouldn’t try to pull off with weak CG, or via the monster’s cranking column of smoke.  Remember that spirit Jacob “brought them here” like he did with 815, so I’m assuming the vast majority of the crew will survive the landing and survive on the island.  Either Richard will be captain and human Jacob and MIB deckhands, or Jacob and MIB will be the two in positions of power.  With them as captain and first mate, the episode storyline potential would be tremendous.  They live with the crew on the island but the two are fundamentally opposed to one another for some reason (ala man of science, man of faith).  This division affects the cohesiveness of the crew, eventually causing a split (ala “The Beginning of the End”).  Daemon Jacob and MIB influence the two human forms and the rest of the crew, facilitate their ideological division, and build them into two persuasive individuals on the island, perfect for leadership in Jacob and MIB’s war.  Eventually both die, staggered times or together, Jacob and MIB assume their identities, the war ensues, humans fight, kill, and destroy each other, and Jacob and MIB remain to continue their eternal conflict.  The episode shows us the end result of a group of old school 815ers who ended up coming to the island, fighting and destroying each other.  Hitting us with a previous example of “progress” that did not definitively end the battle between Jacob and MIB, shows us maybe how and why are current losties have avoided a similar outcome and what they will need to do to not just end up another failed group.  815 is Jacob’s next Black Rock.    How the human forms die is unclear, but under my theory it has to happen.  And Richard — he will do something invaluable during the episode to win favor in the eyes of Jacob, maybe he’ll die, and then be brought back to life by Jacob’s touch — an immortal consigliere for the island daemon of free will.  Maybe his value lies in the fact that he’s “special” — and can communicate between realities or with the dead (ala Hurley & Miles).

Now, let me bring this all together.  LOST pounded the man of science, man of faith duality into our brains during the first two seasons with Jack Shephard and John Locke.  Action, grounded reality, and free will vs. destiny, faith, and blind devotion.  Two men so at odds with each other that it drove an incredible amount of action throughout the first 4 seasons.  You could even say Season’s 4 entire plot was centered upon their foundational conflict.  I surmise that this conflict mimics the situation on the Black Rock with two strong, opposing sides facing off with their respective human chess pieces and idealistic beliefs in place.  We’ve seen Locke perish and MIB assume his persona, and I think we’ll see the same dynamic occur with Jack and Jacob.  Heck, even their names are the same.  Maybe the two BR human forms of J & MIB will be named Jacobin and Johanne (maybe Jacobin’s a shepherd and Johanne’s a locksmith, on a boat exploring new colonizable land in the South Pacific…I digress).  Jack may not die until toward the second half of the season in some sort of heroic fashion (sacrifice?) or maybe Jack’s merging of two alternate realities enables some sort of loophole for Jacob to step in (I prefer the former).  Either way, I think “candidacy” refers to a vessel for Jacob’s return, and I think Jack is the prime candidate in Darlton’s mind.

Further proof?  Darlton has a trend going where they drop the truth in their past titles, but no one ever picks up on it until the curtain is fully pulled back.  Dead is Dead = Human Locke really ended up being dead.  I think Whatever Happened, Happened too and the moment of the white-out/Juliet’s rock blow represented an instantaneous Schrodinger’s Cat split of our timeline into two equally plausible and co-existing alternative realities.  Juliet in the chute is the cat in the box.  At the white-out instant, it’s equally plausible that (1) the explosion has its desired effect of negating the energy pocket, the Swan’s not built, and 815 lands at LAX; or that (2) the explosion doesn’t negate the energy, renders it open and unstable, the hatch is built to contain the energy, and 815 crashes.  So “The Incident” we saw “happen” was really the “Incident” of a split into two co-existing realities.  Therefore, because “Follow the Leader” was a shifting episode between MIBLocke and Jack leading their respective groups, I contend Jack and Locke are the two ultimate Leaders, the two fundamentally opposed beings, the two people in persuasive, leadership roles that are perfect for Jacob and MIB spirits to assume to end their war.

Yes, I realize Jack became a Lockeian believer in destiny in Season 5 so it appears he’s no longer at odds with his adversary, but I actually think this fact sets up a perfect storyline for him in Season 6.  Jack and co. died when the bomb went off — time wasn’t linear for them, so it was physically permissible for them to meet the end of their regular 815 crash lives in ‘77 with the explosion.   The start of Season 6 will have one reality with everyone at LAX and one reality that we’ve seen for 5 seasons.  As a result of the Incident, these two realities have always co-existed on the show, we just haven’t seen any physical manifestation of that second reality yet.  The split causes subtle differences in the LAX reality (Kate not killing her stepfather, etc.) and the 815 reality continues as it always has.  During the first 3rd of Season 6, one half of the narrative will follow the LAXers and the other half will follow non-Locke and co. in the statue killing aftermath.   The ones in LAX who had been touched by Jacob, will likely retain their full memories from before the Incident, and they will think their plan worked to perfection in terms of rebooting the timeline.  We will see a lot of the past Losties alive again in the LAX reality.  However, eventually destiny will start to course correct and these characters will still end up dying from freak circumstances (Shannon, Boone, Charlie, etc.).  Jack will become aware of the terrible ramifications of his trust in destiny-defined action when things start going bad in the LAX timeline.  Jack will be so devastated that he failed in saving them AGAIN, he will resolve himself to fight back against the fickle bitch of destiny.  He will spearhead the effort to kill the LAX reality (He’ll X the LA timeline) and assume his singular identity as free will personified in island Jack.  For all the magical mumbo jumbo floating around on the island, Jack will be defined by his own actions and decisions as a Variable, and he will once again be on the opposite side of the war from John Locke — now MIBLocke, unbeknownst to Jack.

They’ll get back to the island either via Ajira (but they won’t flash off the plane this time), through some sort of transfer portal (via a Temple magic box scenario), or some LAX reality killing event that sends everyone back to the 815 crash site.

Jack’s human body will then be assumed by Jacob during Season 6.  Similarly to how the daemons assumed the two Black Rock human bodies in positions of power, Season 6 will see the faceoff renewed in Jack (=Jacob) vs. Locke (=MIB), poised to put an end to their war in the island theatre.  Terry O’Quinn was interviewed recently about what to expect in Season 6.  He couldn’t discuss anything obviously but he mentioned that it’s fun not knowing who anyone really is anymore.  He posed, “Is Locke really Locke?  You know?  Is Jack really Jack?” or something to that effect, and continued being vague about what the future holds.  Now what if the “Is Jack really Jack” hypothetical actually carries weight?  It would lend credence to my entire theory, that’s for sure, and set us up for one hell of a Season Finale.

It gets a bit sticky with Locke if we go with a reconvergance moment at the 815 crash site.  It would mean that now, a 1/3 of the way through season 6, it’s MIB that will wiggle his golden toe upon waking up on the beach in the 815 reality.  I don’t know the mechanics of it or how the island deity rules work, but it would make Walkabout and other instances a masterpiece of foreshadowing. Whereas in season 1 Locke may have been able to walk (and sometimes not been able to) as a result of assistance or lack of assistance from daemon spirit MIB, in season 6 he will be able to walk because he is the MIB.  Definitely slippery, but it would cast a whole new light on Locke’s ability to walk on the island.

Other ideas:

-Richard is not on the Black Rock but instead an island native.  The first backstory flash is of his childhood, and maybe we find out he has the ability to communicate between planes of existence (ala Hurley & Miles). A couple flashbacks later he witnesses the aftermath of Black Rock’s arrival on the island.  He either impresses Daemon Jacob in an interaction with the crew or Jacob’s sees his value as a liaison between realities, and he is thus eventually chosen by Jacob to be his #2 forever, a role Richard comes to hate over time.

-Jacob eventually assumes Jack’s identity, Richard remains the Free Will #2 for this final chapter, eventually to Jacob/Jack whose transformation might not even take place until near the end of the show.  On the flip side, MIB is now Locke…and perhaps Ben becomes his #2.  In the end, Ben betrays MIB, maybe resulting in his own sacrifice, when he realizes how his life has been manipulated since birth, not by Jacob but rather by the man he was instructed to obey.  Ben’s role would thus be pivotal in the endgame of the show.

-Hurley could become the new Richard if and when Richard is released from immortality.  Hurley could be the new naturally gifted, skilled boatsman across the river Styx into multiple realities/dimensions.  He was the one touched by Jacob instead of Miles or Walt.  Somehow I think Jacob gave him some sort of pivotal tool in that guitar case that will factor in during season 6?  Temple “ON” switch perhaps?

-Either the war ends and the human race achieves a new level of consciousness/being, the cycle continues with Jack and Locke in a final shot staring out across the ocean with pure hatred for each other, or the war ends in victory for Jacob and Free Will, Jack and Locke’s true selves return to their copied bodies with Jacob and MIB finally at rest, and they stare out at the ocean in ideological equilibrium having defeated the fickle bitch of destiny.  Jack looks over at Locke, averts his eyes, and smirks.  “I told you so, John.”

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5 thoughts on “Schrodinger’s Cat Potential with an LAX Reality and an 815 Reality

  1. Hell of a read, take out the demon stuff and I agree with a lot of the plot development, it fits with a number of theories out there and makes sense from a character development perpsective.
    I’m personally going to be hugely disappointed if they go down a demon / possession path with Jacob /MIB, I really feel it should be more of a scientific explanation.
    One issue I do have is of your distinction between free will and fate, I think the two concepts are much more complicated and Lost has really muddled the lines between them, along with any embedded morality in the two. I don’t think we will be given a clear answer as to right or wrong and so I also don’t think it will be obvious which side has come out on top at the end and whether or not that is good or bad for the Losties, the island or the world.

  2. I”m one of the people that think that Flocke is simply John Locke. I think that would greatly affect your theory, but some of what you wrote would fit into many different theories. Some very good stuff.
    I believe the alternate or adjacent timeline will last from 1977 to 2007. Course correction will require the two merge, for whatever reason.
    I think you are correct that some of the people will have either memories or dreams about the other timeline.
    I personally believe that those that will remember will only remember things that have already happened in the adjacent timeline. In other words, Jack on October 1, 2004 in the adjacent timeline will not remember what happened to Jack from timeline A on October 2, 2004. Not till the next day anyway.
    Those that are affected by this remembering(Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, John, Sayid) will over the time of about 3 years basically start to go crazy. But soon they will realize that they are remembering REAL events and decide to do something about it. Hence, they are coming.
    The only exception will be John. His fortune will be different. And we will have to wait for the episode that shows just what John Locke had to go through to be here. And by here, I mean the foot of the statue.
    About one third of the season will deal with the adjacent timeline, including all the curtain calls for some of our old characters.
    I personally believe that in the adjacent timeline, Jack and company will board Ajira flight 316, knowing that is how they get back.
    The island is special, where elements of two timelines can exist at the same time. And probably the place where the merger of two timelines must begin.
    I don’t know how all this will end, but there will be many sacrifices along the way.
    I’m sure Sayid and Benjamin will both die, Ben’s death will be a redemption for him. And the episode that includes this will be a Ben episode, where we’ll find out everything about him. Annie, just what he knows, all the juicy stuff.
    In the end, I think the island must be destroyed, and very much like season five, Jack will have to destroy it. A select few characters will leave the island (Sun, Jin, and Hurley come to mind). Desmond will make his brilliant return in the finale to help Jack. In fact, he will have to conscious time travel in order to help him. The final scene will be a shot of the island from above as the island is destroyed.

  3. Nice read, everyone… I’m going with the Locke is Locke as well, I to would be borderline disappointed if they lead us into Invasion of the Body Snatchers… I like the ideas here – well thought out!

  4. Very well thought out. You did a good job in incorporating a lot of the thoughts that have been floating around and forming a well thought out theory. However I agree with Ardent Knight and Tas about the demon body possesion aspect.

    I liked your ideas about Richard and myself have been thinking about his relationship to Jacob.

    Another aspect of your theory I like are the cyclic aspects you point out. Cycles play an important part in our day to day lives and I believe that is true for Lost also.

    All together this was a very enjoyable theory. Thank You.

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