Smoke Monster IS MIB?

Just curious if anyone had noticed the forms the smoke monster has taken. The 3 people that it was able to shape shift into had all died off of the island, but has been brought to the island via plane crash. Not sure that this explains the smoke monster shape shifting into the spiders that kill Paulo and Nikki though.

Yemi- Shot off island and on the small plane when it crashes.
Christian- Died in Australia and on flight 815 when it crashes
Locke- Died in LA and on flght 316 when it crashes

This makes me assume that Flocke is indeed the smoke monster and that IS the “loophole” that needed to be found to kill Jacob. I am unsure of the specific details of this loophole, but my guess is that MIB is not able to kill Jacob himself. Thus, he needed to be able to convince someone else to do this. Maybe he discovered that he could shape shift into dead bodies IF they are on the island, when Christian arrived? Then started to close in on his opportunity with Locke? It would only make sense, since Flocke (smoke monster) is the one who tells Richard to tell real Locke he will need to die. He had found his man, and knew that in order to convince Ben to kill Jacob, he would need Locke’s body. It seems to me he had it pretty calculated.

I guess my other thought is that MIB and Jacob are brothers. Question being, how in the world did MIB turn into the smoke monster to begin with? Especially since when we 1st see him, he is in human form. Was he banished into smoke monster form? Whatever it was, for some reason he is not able to kill Jacob himself and thus needs this loophole to succeed. But why?

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4 thoughts on “Smoke Monster IS MIB?

  1. Yes, the most obvious interpretation of the last episode of season 5 would be that Smokey is MIB and appears as Locke, Alex, Yemi and other people.

    Others may disagree but it is a fact. 😉

  2. One other important thing to keep in mind… Remember very early on, can’t remember which episode.. Locke describes his (first) encounter with the “Monster” and said he saw a “beautiful, white light”. White?? Every time we’ve seen the Monster, it’s totally black. Maybe Nemesis is the Monster (black) and Jacob is another “Monster” (cloud of white), and what Locke saw that time was Jacob (white cloud) instead of the Monster (Nemesis).

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