Reliability of spoiler sources.

I was just wondering how believable/reliable the sources of spoilers are? I have been reading through some Season 6 spoilers recently (none of which i will mention here) and the 3 sources which appear more than any are DarkUFO, E! Online and a Hawaii resident.

Do i take these spoilers with a large pinch of salt or are many of them quite close to the truth when it comes to Season 6 events? I know that until the episodes actually air we won’t know exactly how reliable the sources have been but i’m just curious.

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9 thoughts on “Reliability of spoiler sources.

  1. Don’t worry Tas, i’m not going to post anything that i’ve read. I only read a few myself to try and get some sort of idea of the direction that Season 6 is headed. The only thing i’ll say is that things do look interesting, but i guess you wouldn’t expect any less anyway!

  2. I was more having a bit of a dig at Josh mentioning the temple, I’m trying (though not always succeeding) to avoid too many spoilers. Though with a husband who say ‘hey look at this’ and bam theres a supposed photo from a current shoot, I’m not having heaps of luck with that. 😉

  3. if u want a tiny spoiler google lost season 6 spoilers, that’s what i do… we don’t post them on this site…

    I don’t know how reliable they are but a few years ago the entire season 3 finale summary was leaked online and i read it… sucked when i watched.. lol

  4. Nah, what I want is someone serving me a daily innocent spoiler that doesn’t really spoil anything (like what happened to the inhaler). Perhaps I need to hire someone.

  5. As Sinster stated in the past some BIG spoilers have came out and been true and totally ruined episodes for some of us. I was totally spoiled for “The Variable”, I ruined for myself a great shocker in Daniel dieing at the hands of his mother. I’d say avoid spoilers at all costs, because it’s so muc more exciting to see it in the moment. DarkUFO though is a great site to get episode titles which I love, and use to base my theories off of.

    Can we post Season 6 titles on this site, or is that considered spoilerish?

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