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Sinister wrote a theory recently that really got my attention. It was the one (I’ve forgotten the title) about why Sun, and Locke’s body did not disappear off flight 316. Sinister theorized that it was because Locke did not go to Sun and ask her to come back to the island.

I want to take this just a bit farther and say that it wasn’t Locke visiting that caused some people to go back to ’77 and Sun to stay, but it was Jin’s wedding ring. I thought about it, and there does seem to be a certain significance put on the ring throughout season 5. Obviously, it is the thing that ultimately convinces Sun to come back to the island. Then I re-watched “The Incident”, and I noticed that when Jacob meets and touches Sun and Jin, he does so at their wedding. But before Jacob shows up, we see Sun and Jin exchanging their rings, and the camera focuses on the rings a bit more than I would expect in a normal wedding scene.

Still I didn’t think too much of it until I noticed that when Jacob meets Sayid and Nor gets hit by the car, Sayid runs to her, listens to her say to take her home, and then leans over and covers her body with his while he weeps, and what does the camera focus on? Their wedding rings.

We have seen both Jack and Locke propose, Jack got a “yes”, Locke got a “no”, but Jack’s engagement fell apart anyway.

We see Bernard propose to Rose, and when they are found in “The Incident” there are a few camera shots the prominently feature their hands, on which are their wedding rings”

We saw Desmond buy an engagement ring for Penny, only to end up throwing it away.

And of course, though it isn’t a wedding or engagement ring, there is Charlie’s ring that Sun finds in Aaron’s abandoned crib. The show seems to give this quite a bit of importance, we just don’t know what it is yet.

So, to sum up this “theory”, I don’t really know what I’m talking about. All I know is that the show in the past few seasons and especially in “The Incident” has seemed to heavily involve rings. Now, rings are very traditional symbols, they symbolize eternity, continuity, and most importantly, a bond between two people, that can sometimes be incredibly strong. Perhaps the rings will be a symbol for the theme of “love conquers all”. When I think about what significance they may have, and why Sun was not taken from 316 with the others, all that comes to mind is that maybe Jin’s ring prevented/protected her from time travel because it acted as her constant.

Remember, that in the episode where Faraday tries to explain the idea of a constant to Desmond, Faraday at first alludes to a constant being an inanimate object, and Desmond asks him if it could be a person, Faraday thinks for a second and says something like, “Yeah I suppose it could be…” So, since Jin’s ring symbolizes Jin to Sun, and Jin would obviously be her constant if anything happened, perhaps his ring acts as a proxy of sorts and keeps Sun from going back to ’77. Whereas, for Sayid, Nor is dead and he no longer wears his ring, Jack and Kate are no longer together and don’t wear their engagement rings, Libby is dead and Hurley never wore a ring for her anyway… but what I’m trying to say is that those four; Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid, no longer had any attachments strong enough to act as constants, and so they flashed back to ’77.

I know the theory is long, and not terribly well organized or thought out, but I thought the subject was interesting and maybe the symbol of a ring will become more important in the sixth season.

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I'm a 22 year old that just graduated with a Bachelor's in English(Writing) with a minor in Religious Studies. I'm a huge fan of Lost, Flashforward, Battlestar Galactica, and a few other shows.

15 thoughts on “The Ring(s)…

  1. When i first read the ‘locke didnt ask her’ theory, i thought ‘OF COURSE! its so simple’ but now that ive read this im very much leaning to this theory. Even if Sinster’s theory is right and this wrong, i still think the rings have a huge significance in the final storyline. Good catch!

  2. nice stuff. definitely a lot of ring importance, adding on that when rose was waiting for bernard when they first crashed, she had the ring on a necklace and held it in her hands a lot for comfort. and i do like the sun and jins ring idea… hmmm its got me thinking. isnt there something about juliette and her ex husbands ring before she came to the island? im at work so i cant research it. 4 weeks people.

  3. That’s better than John deciding. I will throw up if either of these comes to pass. I will give credit for a correct theory. But I will throw up.

  4. Quite an interesting theory but i really liked the line ‘So, to sum up this “theory”, I don’t really know what I’m talking about.’

    Very funny!!!

  5. I like to think the title “The Circle” refers to how the show will come full circle.
    All the events which occur on the island happen because of our Losties.

  6. I think they chose not to use the title “The Circle” because from the beginning they were planning the island mythology –

    that the islands history keeps looping, happening again and again. Everyone on 815 has already been to that island in another life!

    “See you in another life brotha!”

    So they changed the title as to not give it away so early on.

  7. i agree with Joshcgs.. its given the impression it all seems like a big loop ..

    ever noticed how when Jack wakes up in episode 1, he runs straight to the wreckage with no second thought of where he’s going.. maybe they keep reliving that moment and when they get to the [wreckage] they instantly forget and do it all over again. Also when jack wakes up, Bens baton is there (on the left of jack) i have no idea what this means but its worth noting

  8. SawyerGirl

    We are on the exact same page, I always wondered how in the hell Jack knew EXACTLY where to run.

    They knew 316 would be coming, maybe if 316 crashes it causes a problem, hence someone ordered the others to build a runway on Hydra Island.

    I have not seen Ben’s baton I will have to check.

  9. Jacob will in the end turn out to be Sauron.

    In a flashback we will see him give nine rings to nine people.

    That is why they chose to have Dominic Monaghan on the show! Charlie IS actually a hobbit!

  10. I think you got it stone… it’s obvious now… Christian is actually Gandalf, in the series six premier we’ll find out that the whispers are actually coming from the trees, which are ents… it’s perfect.

  11. When I read this theory all I could keep thinking about is a ouroboros the symbol of eternal life and rebirth when one things ends another begins, the symbol is in the shape of a ring and ms.hawking is wearing a pin with the ouroboros on in one of her scenes. I wrote a bit about this in a theory a while ago and I don’t no why but when I read this it just brought the memorys back

  12. Samson, when you mention ouroboros, Red Dwarf springs to mind which tackles the whole loop story slightly more humerously that Lost and in a way which is infinately less confusing.

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