Charlotte’s dies and The Statue crumbles…

Ok, I wasn’t going to post this for a while because I’ve been so busy with work I didn’t feel up to writing a whole new theory. Nonetheless, I finished my work early, so I have a free hour or so. And I have a feeling that this theory will be shorter than my previous ones…

I’ve been wondering about one of the many mysteries, that being, “what caused the statue to fall to pieces?” Then i connected it with another mystery, “how did the Black Rock” end up in the middle of the jungle?” I remember in the episode when they first see the Black Rock, Professor Arzt says that a tidal wave probably carried it up there. Now, we see the Black Rock off the coast when Jacob and his Nemesis are talking, and they are sitting next to the statue.
Throughout this entire show we have seen that not many things are free standing events, meaning that everything that happens seems to somehow be connected to everything else that happened. Obviously, one point I’m trying to make is that I think the same tidal wave/earthquake that brought the Black Rock into the middle of the jungle also caused the statue to crumble. However, that is not all.
When the Losties still on the island are flashing through time, they decide to go to the Orchid station, so John can try to fix whatever is going on. As they are going, there is another flash and Charlotte collapses. I’ll come back to her.
They get to the Orchid station, there is a flash, and they go to find the well instead. John climbs down the well, about halfway down there is another flash, John falls. Everyone else (Sawyer, Miles, etc.) look up and notice that they can see a giant statue in the distance. They are only in this time period for a brief while before John finishes turning the wheel and the Island flashes for the last time (so far, who knows about season 6). Now, this last flash was much more intense than previous ones, the ground began to tremble, and all of the people standing around where the well used to be, fell to the ground. Directly after the flash Miles says, “That one was different, that was more like an earthquake…” I’m thinking that maybe it really was an earthquake, John’s turning of the wheel caused a massive earthquake, one that was in fact large enough to cause a tidal wave that brought the Black Rock into the jungle, and destroyed the statue.
Now for Charlotte. It would seem to me that dead bodies do not flash through time, When the group went back to the beach to try to find the zodiac, all of the bodies of the people that died during the flaming arrow attack were nowhere to be seen, so it would stand to reason that they did not flash through time with the living Losties. Therefore, whatever time period Charlotte died in, is where she stayed.
Charlotte was brought to the island with the freighter crew. The mercenaries were all killed rather quickly, and so didn’t seem to be all that important to the island itself. Same goes for Naomi. However, the other four; Miles, Dan, Frank, and Charlotte, all seem to be more important somehow. For instance, Miles, Dan, and Charlotte were all either born or conceived, or both, on the island. Dan contributes plenty to the story, so does Miles, but Charlotte dies before she has a chance to. So why would they have introduced her into the story in the first place, if they were just going to kill her off quick and not use her at all any more.
If you pay attention to the number of the flashes, Charlotte dies, and thus her body is left, in the time period with the statue. And if the previous part of my theory is correct, her body is on the island during and/or directly after Jacob and his Nemesis’ conversation. Now I’m not entirely sure what importance this may have. But taking in to account the fact that dead bodies seem to have an odd amount of importance on the island, and that Charlotte doesn’t seem to have fulfilled her purpose in coming back to the island, I’m willing to bet that this will be important.

This theory turned out to be a bit longer than i expected, and now I have to run. Hope you enjoy!

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I'm a 22 year old that just graduated with a Bachelor's in English(Writing) with a minor in Religious Studies. I'm a huge fan of Lost, Flashforward, Battlestar Galactica, and a few other shows.

12 thoughts on “Charlotte’s dies and The Statue crumbles…

  1. LilBoyBlue, this is good stuff.. What a great observation, I never put that together that the earthquake happened while the statue was still standing..and Charlotte’s body is still in that ancient time period..this opens up all kinds of doors to the story

  2. The ‘what happened to the statue’ is very probable. Thanks.

    The bodies question … I posted related just before reading this.

    I think they’re still in 2004. The question – are they alive or not?

    When Des or Eloise (mouse) flash, their body remains in ‘real’ time, and their conscious goes to the past. (Since neither Daniel, his girlfriend, nor Minkowski spurred ‘where did they go’ we can assume they physically stayed in their natural timeline.) Locke disappeared leaving a ‘not natural’ timeline – we have no idea what happened to his body in ‘the natural’ because everyone else ‘went’, too.

    So, like the grandfather paradox, if you died in 1954 are you alive in 2004? (Consider if you weren’t born until AFTER you 1954, like Frogert.)

  3. earthquakes are also known to spark volcanic eruptions, and there is a volcano on the island.

    i like your thoughts on charlotte. goes along with the idea that the rope sawyer holds on to near the well causes people to dig at the place where the rope is (odd to have a rope in the ground like that) and they find the wheel and build the well.

  4. goood idea about how they chose the spot for the well!

    I think when Sawyer is still holding the rope and it is just stuck in the ground is probably one of the best scenes (IMO)

  5. what? theres a volcano? where and how did i not know about this!

    when i first started reading and you said about a tidal wave/earthquake i thought it was a little far fetched, but when you used evidence and reminded me of the earthquake just after the FDW, it acutally made a lot of sense and i think this could be really possible! so good effort there!

    I like the thought of the people that died in a flash being alive in 2004. They didnt die in a natural timeline and so should survive in the correct timeline. But would that mean in Sawyer and co. died when they were in Dharmaville that they would also be alive in 2004?

  6. SawyersGirl, to back up eckolocation about volcano, I think they mentioned it during a flashback on the island, in a school classroom they were teaching about volcanoes(?)maybe(?)

  7. yep, bobt is right. when young ben is in class they mention the volcano…

    Im surprised no one has pointed out something that i thought was an obvious flaw with this theory… if there is a tidal wave that wipes away the statue and brings up the black rock, what happens to Jacob and Nemesis, they’re standing right there after all.

    to answer that, well i can’t really. but i do have another theory regarding jacob and nemesis, and just who/what they are. still, i don’t have time to post it right now. but suffice it to say, if that issue does bother anyone, i have a theoretical answer for it. I’ll post it soon.

  8. Very good post, i’m not sure how Charlotte’s significance will play a roll but i’m sure it will. I agree that the tidal wave would explain how the ship ended up in the middle of the island and the statue crumbled. Jacob was still using the room underneatht he statue’s foot when Ben and Flocke arrived so its possible they used this during the tidal wave to be safe from danger.

    As far as people that died during the flashes still being alive in 2004 I would have to disagree. For this to be possible, it would mean that when they started flashing though time, another version of themselves would’ve had to stay in the present. Faraday said it himself when he said that although they are in the “other’s/dharma people’s” past that it was still the lostie’s present.

  9. Charlotte spent her post-island life occupied with all things island … driven by her mother’s insistence that she was making the island up. She completed her mission, her life came full circle. She died. Her story is most likely done in the main timeline.

    However – if someone happened across her body in the black rock era they would probably find her clothing a bit odd…

    There could even be someone during that time with an ability like Miles who will find out she’s from the future. That could certainly be interesting…

  10. On the thoughts about people dying in the time flashes, their time is still linear, they were born, lived then died. They can’t return to 2004 and wouldn’t exist past the point where they flashed to another time then died but their lives wouldn’t suddenly not exist. For example, if jack etc… stayed in 1977 then by the time the losties crashed in 2004 there would be two versions one 30 years older.
    Interesting thoughts on Charlotte, don’t know how they’d use it but the possibilitys there.

  11. Thanks, and yeah I agree with Tas on this one. If they died in 2004 (Frogurt and everyone else), then that doesn’t mean that they suddenly don’t exist in 2003. This is like the conversation between Hurley and Miles in the DI. While they are in the past, it is still their present… Like Sawyer said, his parents died in ’76, meaning that while he is in the DI, he is also eight years old in Tennessee. HIS (and all the losites’) timelines are linear, even if it doesn’t seem so to the rest of the world…

    And I’d like to thank you all for the great response to this theory! It got a better response than I thought it would.

  12. It’s their CONSCIOUS that jumps.

    When Eloise learned the maze that wouldn’t be taught her for an hour the future Daniel must have ‘seen’ her physically, but the now Daniel never saw her disappear. She just acted dazed in her natural timeline.

    Just like Desmond.

    Minkowski recognized this behavior because he was going through it himself – and presumeably saw it happen to others ‘cuz he says ‘this is what will happen to all of us’.

    We can assume it’s what happened to Daniel (as he developed his theory) and his girlfriend.

    To assume timeskipping implies anywhere but existentially ‘being’ in 2 places at the same time is to bring something to Lost the writers never gave us (yet).

    Maybe that’s why the rabbits shouldn’t be together.

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