I think the smoke monster sounds like a garbage truck

The other day I read here where someone referred to the smoke monster sounding like a taxi meter. Without listening to the smoke monster again I ran the sound through my head based on memory and I just could not make the taxi meter connection. Then this morning as I was showering, after, believe it or not, waking up from a dream about Lost the thought suddenly occurred to me. The mechanical sound we here is just like the one a garbage truck makes as it goes through its cycle. Taking this thought further, I recall from the first episode where we see the trees in the jungle dropping out of sight while the mechanical sound is as loud as can be. Could the garbage truck sound be a metaphor of soughts for the monster capturing and redepositing elements of the island just as a garbage truck does? Taken further, if alt timelines exist (and I do believe that they do) then one can ask, what is essentially happening if matter and energy got transferred between two timelines? Metaphorically, some may liken it to the capturing and redepositing of stuff going into a garbage truck. Kind of like garbage in, garbage out. What do you guys think?

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9 thoughts on “I think the smoke monster sounds like a garbage truck

  1. The NYC taxi cab sound is the sort of reciept printer sound that you hear. The smoke monster isn’t constantly making that noise, it happens every, say, 5 seconds or so. Hope that helps 🙂 I don’t really know how else to describe the sound except “reciept printer-ish”….

  2. i live in nyc….and when i walk past a taxi while a customer is paying i always immediately think of smokie. if its mid season i start darting my eyes around suspiciously

  3. Bailey and Eko, I’m a native New Yorker myself. How ya doin? I listened to the smoke monster again last night and, yes, I agree that elements of the sound it makes – the clicking type sound – is just like what is made by a taxi cab’s receipt printer. However, it’s only one element, and I consider it a minor one at that, of the sound the smoke monster makes. I still stand by my initial take that the mechanical like sound is similar to what a garbage truck makes when it is going through it’s cycle while the driver moves and bangs a metal dumpster against the truck from it’s mechanical arms.

  4. So Smokey is just a collection of random New York phenomena? Somehow I associate to MIB (the movie), where it is explained that most aliens (from outer space) live in New York and work as taxi drivers. 🙂

  5. @AmILost

    What am I, chopped liver?

    @Native New Yorker myself, born and raised, live & work in Manhattan.

    I was the one who said smokie sounded like a taxi meter because in a different thread someone was saying how they remember a character in the first episode saying how the monster sounded familiar.

    I was simply reminding them that it was Rose who says it, and it was that particular noise she is referring too.

    I have watched all of the seasons special features and you have Damon & Carlton sitting together talking and laughing about how Rose is from NY and how they recorded a taxi printing a receipt JUST TO GET THAT NOISE.


    Never said smokey was a collection of random New York noises, just that one in particular. I have to represent NY since the only character that does is Michael and he is whack.

    Men in Black has nothing to do with this, they just use that analogy because their are a lot of freaks in this city! myself included! jk 🙂

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